Ukraine in snap election warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. The thread concerning the recent conflict in Georgia has become rather clogged with discussions more relevent to Ukraine. This would seem a sensible point to free up a thread all of its own...

  2. There will be presidential elections next year in Ukraine. And it looks as mr.Yushchenko would not be reelected.

    Main battle will be between (generally pro-Moscow) mr.Yanukovitch and (formally pro-Western) ms.Timishenko. However ms.Timoshenko (as typical populist politiician) tries to be with the majority of the electorate. For example she has not said even one bad word toward Russia during and after the war in Georgia. She understands pretty well that confrontation with Russia would make her a political cadaver and that the USA, the EU, the NATO are not so strong as many thought. Her line no doubt will be balansed and maybe on some points even pro-Moscow.

    So, hard-core nationalist seeing their imminent and fameless defeat try to do at least something to stay at power. But they will fail.
  3. KGB_resident,

    Have you read Tymoshenko's article that appeared in Foreign Affairs last year?
  4. I fear that no. She is a true fox - could say one thing, write quite opposite and think herself that 'you all are idiots, the only thing I wish is the power'.

    She is a gambler. If she bids clubs then don't think that she is so religious. If she bids diamonds then really she could be a beggar. If she bids hearts then don't believe, she is hearless. And if she bids spades then it doesn't mean that she has strong army.

  5. You still haven't quite grasped the concept of democracy, have you Sergey.
  6. Heaven forbid Ukraine tries to find its own way in the world.
  7. The real problem is that when what we think of as "Ukraine" does find it's own way it may decide that it is two countries. Do we use force to deny the East their desire for self-determination ? (Quick, quick before Russia does the same for the West !) Or do we stop all this mindless rhetoric, look up realpolitik in the dictionary and draw up some spheres of influence ?
  8. The majority would like not to pay taxes. Responsible politician would never make such a promise but a poppulist could.

    Ms.Timoshenko promised to pay compensations for lost savings after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many voted for her party for this reason. In practice size of the compensation was tiny. People spent hours in endless queues. The paument caused finansial crisis.

    It has its name - populism.
  9. My point being that it is for the electorate to decide who is being responsible and who is being populist. Not some autocrat in the Kremlin.

    It might take time, but if left alone they will get there eventually. Lesson one being don't trust a politician who promises you money. :D
  10. Straight from the old Soviet mould. Same can be said of Putin and Saakashvili and ... and so on ...
  11. ... or in Washington.

    Timoshenko's original votes base was in W.Ukraine, where she positioned herself as being even more nationalistic than Yuschenko. So, when president became an utter disappointment, his voters transferred their affections to Timoshenko, hence leap in her "popularity".

    She stands a chance to become a new Ukrainian president but only because there is no one to choose from. Will her possible presidency save Ukraine from disintegration? Hardly. She is inept when it comes to ecomonic issues; she is greedy; and she clearly never heard an expression "You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time."

    Spoke to my family last night. For the first time in 16 years they are going to vote for the Communist Party... Had enough of "democracy" it seems...
  12. :)

    Timoshenko indicated she might support Yanukovich if she will be allowed to remain a PM. And at the same time she let Yuschenko know that if he will deal with some assorted enemies of hers from his party coalition and if he will guarantee her a post of PM after the elections she might support him.

    Basically, she is looking for a puppet-president that will allow her to be in full control yet in a shadow... Too clever?

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  14. 17 Sep 2008 2330hrs (local time)
    BBC News Channel
    Hryhoriy Nemyria
    6 days left to watch
    Stephen Sackur talks to Hryhoriy Nemyria, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister.
  15. "On August 30th 2007, more than 4,000 people gathered in front of the Romanian Embassy in Kiev, protesting Romanian territorial claims on an island located off the coasts of both countries. The dispute has been brought before the International Court of Justice."

    "Indeed, the proclamation of independence for Kosovo - is not an end in itself for the Kosovars: the international community gave green light to Greater Albania…
    No less active is the idea of Greater Romania. ... Romania claims entire Bessarabia (between the Prut and Dnestr), the southern part of which is currently in Ukraine. No less important is Rumanian claim to Bukovyna South Bukovina is now part of Romania, while the North belongs to Ukraine."

    Yury Boiko (Ukrainian MP): "Let me remind you that the President of Romania Mr. Basescu said that his country has a claim to our South Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina."

    Bessarabia, Bukovina, Snakes island became part of Ukraine in 1940.

    "Transcarpathia. If Kiev would not start dialogue with the Ruthenian (Rusins) organizations, they do not exclude the most unpredictable consequences."