Ukraine extends Russia naval base lease for 25 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 21, 2010.

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  2. Given the state of the Black Sea Fleet, I suspect the Ukraine has made a tidy profit on Russia's ego.
  3. Saves Kyiv having to pay for the ecological clear up for another 25 years.

    Keeps a few more Ukrainians in paid employement for another quarter century.

    And a further discount on gas bills.

    Seems like a damn good result for Kyiv.
  4. Obviously they weren't as dismayed at Russian naval forces leaving Sevastopol to brass up the Georgians a few years back as the Western media portrayed it then...
  5. Right now Ukraine is heading in a right direction -- towards (hopefully partial) eventual reunification with Russia: the two presidents met in Kharkov -- the first capital of Ukraine in the East of the country; Russian businesses are moving in; Russian language is finding its way back into Ukrainian educational system; and of course, -- Russian Navy stays in Crimea...

    Although, it was never a secret that Russia will not leave the peninsula. After all, it was to Russia, and not Ukraine, that Turky surrendered Crimea into "eternal and undisputed ownership" (1774 Kiutchouk-Kaynadzhirsky peace treaty). Without Russian flag over Crimea Turky will claim it back and the US/NATO will get its chance to establish its bases there. Russia would've never agreed to such turn of events.
  6. I suspect the scenario you paint of a US/NATO naval base in a liberated Crimea is highly unlikely. With Obozo in charge doubly so. ;)

  7. If Crimea to become Turkish, why not, -- Turky is in NATO, it will be no problem for the US to plonk itself there...

    But Russia will never give up Crimea.
  8. I've been there on holiday a few times. The Ukrainians didn't seem to militarily minded (pic attached) but when me and my mate went past a Russian barracks we got some evil looking stares from the guard, and the guard commander who was called out.
    The wife and I did a boat trip round the bay and we saw a really delapidated nuclear sub. There was a sleek black one moored further away, amongst the dozens of landing and rocket ships, but the tourist boat kept a way away from that.
    Judging by our experiences so far, the manky one was Ukrainian, the scary one Russian.

  9. It probably saves Russia the (Declared) 40 billion rubles it was having to spend on upgrading Novorossisky into a fleet base.

    Anyone know how construction on that is going? If we were doing it under PFI, by now it would cost 100 billion, and Portsmouth would be owned by some Cayman Island based tax evaders who would charge us for docking a sailboard without permission.
  10. You had an honour to see a legendary pride of Ukrainian navy -- a submarine Zaporozh'e, that until very recently was welded to a pier. :D
  11. Oops! Great city BTW. Love it.
  12. Three West Ukrainian counties announced they are sending busloads of people to Kiev and appealed for more volunteers in order to block Ukrainian Parliament and stop the ratification of an agreement on Russian naval base in Sevastopol. Timoshenko and Yuschenko said they are prepared to use force in order to achieve thier goal and will also demand an impeachment of Yanukovich.

    Tomorrow might be an interesting day in Kiev...
  13. Speaking of Sevastopol, are there any memorials to the Crimean War that one could visit? I should think that now the Ukraine is not a state of the U.S.S.R. it would easier to visit and see such sights and do a terrain walk or something. :?

  14. Yes, off the top of my head there are about 10-12 memorial sites connected to the Crimean War around Sevastopol; 3 of them are dedicated to British:

    The British military cemetery at Cathcart Hill

    Balaklava memorial

    A reconciliation memorial
  15. Well they might have a small point. Doesn't Article 17 of the Ukrainian Constitution say that foreign military bases aren't allowed in the country?