UKNDA - The new Dads Army?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozduke, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Or just a rallying point for former naval officers still living in the 19th century?
  2. Maybe that should read 'Dad's Navy'?

    But if it gets the message out into the public perhaps that's not a bad thing.

    Now, refresh my memory. What was the message, exactly?
  3. Sounds like something set up by Naval Officers who've lost their Battleships..?

    I think, in my own opinion, that BAFF will serve me better. UKNDA just seems to state the bleedin' obvious (That we're underfunded) which is something the Services fight against anyway thru the Heads of the Army, NAvy and those Crab lot. Why do we need someone outside fighting for getting us more money for more kit? The Boss is quite capable of arguing the toss with the Government.

    Isnt He?
  4. No disagree, the press and the public are more likely to take notice of the UKNDA because of the "personality's" who are attached to the organisation, sad fact but we live in the cult of the personality also funding will come in swift and sharp because of these contacts.
  5. I am not a member of BAFF or the NDA so I have no axe to grind but your final comment has just given me the nudge I needed to join the NDA (and perhaps BAFF a bit later).

    BAFF is a laudable organisation designed to champion the welfare of our service personnel (active and retired, in the field and elsewhere) and their dependents including widows/widowers and orphans. However, after seeing ever more alarming signs of ignorance and downright apathy about Defence issues among the GBP, politicians and the media, I am now convinced of the need for a strong, permanent organisation to put things in perspective and champion the cause of UK Defence in general. The aims of BAFF and the NDA are quite different but there are bound to be overlaps regarding supporting issues, e.g. a happy, well looked-after serviceman/woman (BAFF's aim) is likely to contribute more to operational capability (NDA's aim) than an unhappy one. He/she is certainly more likely to stick around and re-invest their valuable training and experience instead of leaving at the first available opportunity. BAFF and the NDA will therefore be complementary, not mutually exclusive as some on these boards have suggested.

    I don't mean to be a doom-merchant but who can say with any authority what lies around the next corner? In 1929, only eleven years after 'The War To End All Wars', few imagined that another major war was just ten years away. It is the height of arrogance to assume that history never repeats itself but that is what our Government, without a day of military experience among the lot, is telling us as it downgrades Defence in its list of priorities, pares our Armed Forces to the bone and destroys their traditions and ethos. For example, we now have a part-time Defence Minister despite the fact that our Armed Forces have been fighting in two high-intensity operations for the past five years. Why? And why have so few of the 'critical' provisions of the 1998 Strategic Defence Review (SDR) been implemented? Instead, the Defence Budget is at its lowest in terms of national GDP since the 1930s. We have seen how hamstrung the CoC is in voicing any opinion about inadequate funding in public and even a couple of high profile resignations would be chip paper within a couple of days. A DIN has even been produced to gag anyone else in uniform from expressing their concerns about anything "relating to official defence matters".

    It is still early days for the NDA (official launch is not until 8 Nov) but perhaps it will achieve a snowball effect as more people, representing all the services, jump on board. As far as I can see, it is the only show in town (standfast ARRSE, RR, PPRUNE, etc) designed to harness the power of public opinion and the media in the long-term interest of securing and retaining proper resources for the Defence of the Realm. We need all the help we can get!
  6. Had to clear my internet cache and refresh just to hear that tune again!!



    [Edit] Hey ARRSE didn't make it onto their links page... no wonder really, buncha slags [/Edit]

    [Edit II] I take that back, we made it onto page 18 of the founding document:

    We're still a buncha slags though :lol:
  7. Take another ( longer ) look @ the UKNDA Website ... you may well find people from the 21 st . Century !

  8. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    What you mean like a Chairman/CE who is a retired SO1 Loggie - with hardly the most inspiring CV?

    If UKNDA wanted to be taken seriously it would be formed by serious ex and current operators with the pedigree and experience to be taken seriously and who would have the ability to take the game to the media and the political arena at the level that would reach public attention.
  9. Wasn't there a Royal Marine website too once? I found it on my travels one day.

    It had a special locked down area where only Members who were verified could enter. Presumably for a bit of internet naked roll mat fighting.
  10. ... Watch this space A2 Matelot .. you may learn something !

  11. That's a pedigree that we'd leverage to structure our international business units, so I don't ken what you're talking about A2 Matelot ;)
  12. Hmm Good food for thought there DS.