UKNDA - Cameron could be "Guilty Man" like Baldwin and Chamberlain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. The article is a load of bollocks and follows the current practice of people who disagree with the Prime Minister or his government's policies undermining the stability of the country to further their own nests or ego's.

    Did I say the article was bollocks?
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  2. It's about time these fuckwits realised,we've been the Worlds Policemen for too long.

    It's all very well basking in the reflected 'glory',but at the end of the day,our service personnel die,for causes that are suspect from the outset,the Cold War is over,we don't need massive Forces that can deploy,anywhere in the World at a moments notice,we need,a Defence force big enough to look after this Nation's,needs,and **** everyone else!

    If push comes to shove,just build a ****ing big brick wall around the UK,that would solve the problem of unemployed brickies as well! :meditate:

  3. Yes, but our political fuckwits would outsource the Big Brick Wall under PFI contract with a Spanish company that would employ Polish brickies to build it.
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  4. Sorry, but how exactly is Argentina proposing to invade the Falklands again?
  5. And you boy,.....yes you at the back,stop asking sensible questions,!

    Okay,you will write,500 lines,by tomorrow " I must not ask sensible questions,on an Arrse Forum,or else" ! ;-)
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  6. We've been over this: Ninja-commando penguins
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  7. That is just what they want you to think. It is actually a crack force of petite nuns.
  8. **** those spicks are clever!
  9. Well now they know there is oil there, probably as part of an alliance with other regional powers such as Venezuela.

    I'm not however advocating that they will invade again but if we clearly are not able to defend them, I wouldn't be surprised if something was produced out of the latin american hat.

    Let's face it, we are seen by a lot of them as being still quite imperialist and they would love to be seen to poke us in the eye!
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  10. And that bastage Cameron has cut back on the Leopard Seal contract!
  11. I suspect that if you were around in the 1930's when military cuts were happening left, right and centre, [deja vu anyone?] you would have said that Churchlls warnings were bollocks.
    We cannot foresee with whom we may be in armed conflict in the future and to cut our defensive capabilities [our corporate life insurance] to the bone is a step too far.
  12. Errm lets see the 1930's were 10 years after the war to end all wars. We had rampant National Socialism and Communism vying for power, either one was not good for UK PLC. Apart from Islam and it's ability to disrupt trade and or holiday makers; what is the actual threat to UK PLC that requires a huge standing armed forces? If you say China; then I will ask you how big would our forces need to be to counter that potential threat?
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  13. Then again, to play devil's advocate, we could have done what the polish did, remain committed to a proven way of historically doing business, maintained the assets(horses) and infrastructure (cav regiments) and end up doing futile charges against tanks.

    If you have over invested in hammers, made them central to doctrine and trained with them for a while (even made your last 2 less than totally successful building projects with them), you tend to look at all problems in a nail like way.

    If the last 2 wars are like anything in the immediate future, the current set up hasn't been an unbridled success. Since a lot of casualties didn't deliver a shock to change how the Forces do core business, maybe some severe cuts will create it instead.

    Anyway, everyone knows it was only those in for the duration in WW2 (bit like mobilised TA...) who really won things......
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