UKNDA: A Choice for the Next PM

Yeah, its a d@mn shame, we'll throw away whatever power we have left and grow weaker and weaker, slipping relatively further and further behind economically, militarily and technologically, despite pretending to ourselves that the way our society is structured makes everyones lives better, until one day (maybe a century away) we fall to a stronger foreign power. British society is going the way of Asian societies in the 17th-18th century, any remaining desire for greatness was stamped out in WW2 & the end of colonialism, leaving our once great country little more then a retirement home off the north coast of Europe, waiting for the knackers yard...the joke of it is nothing is inevitable, the decline starts in people's mindset...its the 'managed decline' mentality of the '70s making a comeback...


I usually have little time for the UKNDA, but its an interesting essay (a bit of stating the bleedin' obvious, but a good article never the less).

It confirms the suspision that we're down to nearly "10 year rule" levels of funding (approx 2% of GDP)

I like phrase "Punching above our budget".


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A pretty balanced view all round.

Unfortunately every single discussion on future defence capabilities and procurement comes to the conclusion that we need more money. I havn't seen anything which manages to square the circle in a realistic way. More money however is unlikely to come.

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