UKIPs Nigel Farage in plane crash

cpunk said:
Dragged down to earth by the contradictions in his own policies, no doubt...
Better than the train crash following the current incumbents lies, back-tracking and stealth taxation.
cpunk said:
Dragged down to earth by the contradictions in his own policies, no doubt...
Even more ironically, by his own advertising banner. Still, I'd rather see him in Parliament than Bercow ...
The plane was pulling a UKIP banner reading "Vote for your country - vote UKIP".

It is believed it may have become caught up in the engine.
Was the plane flying backwards?
God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.


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Looking at the picture on Auntie's news website, the plane does look very bent indeed.

It would seem that Mr Farage has been quite lucky.
Injuries not life threatening........................bugger!
I did warn him not to go walking in the woods after he called rumpy pumpy a damp rag.
But plane crashes are the modus operandi currently favoured by the global elite *******.
Let's face it , you simply couldn't buy publicity like that! :lol: :lol:

(Best wishes to him though, I'm voting Tory but I'd have voted for Nige if it got Squeaker Bercow and his ghastly missus out of their sheltered accomodation in the Palace of Westminster!)
It was a Polish PZL, not very British
parapauk said:
CrazyLegs! said:

Poor bloke, wouldn't wish that on anyone
I'd never vote for him, but whoever released that picture needs a shoeing.
Agreed, don't like his policies, but God speed to his and everyone involved recovery.
Fucking sympathy-vote whore!

I can't believe the lengths some people are prepared to go to...
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