Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    This anti-europeanism is beginning to be embarrassing for us expats. The sooner you all back home accept that life is better on the continent the better we'll all be.
  2. ...a man so patriotic he refuses to go to a hotter country to get his suntan.
  3. Quite agree Mr H, but there is an awful lot of dodgy dealings going on in Europe. Just look at how the f*cked over the Scottish Fishing fleet.

    I'm all for being more integrated but they would have to sort thier house out first, before the 'true blues' will buy any of it.

    There's a lot to be said for being integrated more. The mob would have to pull it's socks up a bit further.
  4. Well, on a turnout of 40% or so, a 17% share equals some 6.8% of the electorate. Good work fellas! I wonder how that compares to Kilroy's ratings?
  5. So you're not living in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, etc?

    If we want to live in Europe we can move to Europe. But I like choice; I - like many others across Europe - don't like being forced to do things by an unelected, autocratic, overly expensive, stiflingly beauracratic organisation. And that's just the UK civil service, imagine what I feel like about Brussels :)

    Bring back the EEC and/or peer-peer trading agreements.

    Ranty rant rant etc.

    Mr Bigot

    BTW - what's 'better' about life on the continent? The weather I know, but I don't think Brussels can solve that one :)
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Mostly cost of living, social justice (e.g. 80% of your salary is paid in benefits in your first year of being made redundant rather than 50 quid a week), road networks and public transport (particularly in DE).

    I get your point about choice and I guess I'm just trying to make one that the UK is (a) not the start and finish of where you can enjoy life (b) those that campaigne against the EU really are just saying that Britain is better and that is not true. Or at least that's how I read it...

    An example, yesterday I went to the pub with 2 Germans, 3 paddys, 10 English to watch England crush France - the cost of 5 litres of beer and a platter of food was 42 EUR (30 quid) which my portion was 8 EUR, then I caught a taxi home (3.90 EUR) and a pizza (EUR 5.50) - total for the night 18 EUR or about 12 pounds. You trying doing that down south in the UK and you won't get much change from 30 quid I suspect.

    The UK is being run FAR TOO MUCH FOR BIG BUSINESS and not enough for the consumer like us. Rip off Britain, never been truer.
  7. With global warming, I don't think we have to worry about weather anymore :p

    But I agree that Brussels is viewed by many as an unelected, beaurocratic, swamp filled with leeches who answer to nobody. The sooner we as a nation decide we have had enough, the better and I might consider staying in this country rather than emigration.
  8. An example, yesterday I went to the pub with 2 Germans, 3 paddys, 10 English to watch England crush France - the cost of 5 litres of beer and a platter of food was 42 EUR (30 quid) which my portion was 8 EUR, then I caught a taxi home (3.90 EUR) and a pizza (EUR 5.50) - total for the night 18 EUR or about 12 pounds. You trying doing that down south in the UK and you won't get much change from 30 quid I suspect.

    BLIMEY , how long have you been out of the country , you can't go out on the p*ss down south withn less than £50-£70 and thats not if you're eating , that's just beer money!!!!!! :evil:
  9. That depends more on what economic area you're living in rather than country; plenty of places in Germany that are more expensive than areas in the UK. Also depends somewhat on your lifestyle; if you smoke & drink it's certainly cheaper!

    Ooh you lefty you ('Social Justice' :) ) . Isn't Germany trying to reduce this because, essentially, it doesn't work econmically? Higher benefits bring higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher national debts, more legal paperwork. We (the Brits) realised this two decades ago and did some work in dealing with it - Brussels seems to want to bring it all back....

    Yes that's a fair reading - unfortunately we only get to 'pick a package' when we vote. But there are plenty of pro-Eurpoeans anti-Brussels about (incl me). From the other side of the fence, one of the things I get hacked off with is this "it's inevitable - Britain has to join or it goes down the tubes" the reasons being "self evident" ??

    In the meantime, all we can do is put pressure on those we can to withdraw, until either we do or (more hopefully and even less likely) the EU tidies itself up enough to appeal to us.

    On to economics and capatilism (I'm obviously avoiding work); Business only exists to provide the consumer with goods they demand. They wouldn't exist otherwise. Walk into Tescos and see a good example of all the things being provided for you! Give Businesses freedom and they'll have more time to produce/provide rather than faffing around with yet more beauracracy. Particularly here in the UK where small/medium businesses are the norm rather than Big Business, and it's them that are getting hardest hit by Brussels.
  10. Soft Pawn - trust you to come up with something intelligent!
  11. It would be nice to interpret that as "60% don't care and will be happy with whatever they're given" but my completely scientific and statistically accurate poll in the local pub indicates a 20% rise in voting apathy and 50% rise in whinging.... Bring in the psychologists...
  12. Hah! You wait till I've had a few pints, then you'll hear some really amazing stuff. In Russian.

    I ran my first (and last) marathon yesterday! 4 hrs 3 mins! Woohoo!

    Sorry, I just felt like telling the world.

    Mr Hobbles
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    guilty but only because I've been screwed in the UK, and whilst I won't qualify here in Germany as I am self-employed at least they have a system
    True but it doesn't mean it is a bad thing, and I still believe the UK has gone too far...
    as a partial economist I understand the missives here and agree with your point, essentially however globalisation is almost unstoppable and the USE and USA will eventually merge blah blah not in our life times but one day...

    there is legislation that can be put in place to stop the raping of the high street however and the UK should put some of that in place, for example, we all know that beer costs 3.20 and the price is blamed on taxes but when we order an OJ for our birds because they've got a hangover and it comes to 3.60 what fcking excuse has the landlord got now??? Apart for trying to shag you up the arrse?? (Sorry, pet hate here)
  14. Yers I'll second that; except that I'm hacked off with the price of beer being so high in the first place (mind you it's only £2 in my local - I recommend living away from London if you're in the UK).

    I seem to remember vaguely in my yoof something about how pub landlords were officially encouraged to charge more for non-alcoholic drinks (anyone else remember this? 80s I think). The ideas was that their profit margins would be similar for both --> encourage the sale of interesting and varied ranges of non-alcoholic drinks ---> discourage the 'beer culture'. One of those well-meaning badly-thought-out 'good ideas' from a meddling govt. All that happened was soft drinks got more expensive, so you might as well spend money on beer - at least it has more nutritional value :).

    Now in Scotland they're trying to discourage 'binge drinking' (defined as - you won't believe it - 3 pints or more in one evening) and smoking in public places (despite there already being non-smoking bars we can all choose to go to). More nannying that I associate with Brussels :p but actually has nothing to do with them :-(.

    I really ought to do some work. Or watch the Denmark/Italy match. Hmmmm.... I'll 'decide' over afternoon tea...