UKIP Mongs

Quote from the bbc report:

Activists arriving at the Conservative spring conference in Manchester were greeted by about 30 UKIP demonstrators handing out leaflets. Their banner read: "Cameron's Blue Labour: lies and libels".

Manchester City currently has no Conservative members - no surprise there - and I also wouldn't be surprised if these UKIP knobs have been drafted in from elsewhere. Incidentally, has anyone else noticed the fact that to look like a genuine UKIP supporter, you need to be male, middle-aged, white, be-suited and preferably sporting grey/white hair or balding?
Earlier this week Mr Cameron called UKIP members "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly."
No wonder they withdrew the defamation suit threat, can't sue for defamation if it is true.
Does anyone else think they might just have shot themselves in the foot?

UKIP member: "We arent mad we just felt that the best way to prove we werent fruitcakes loonies or closet racists, was to park an armoured vehicle (that one of us happenend to have lying around) on a street. By doing this we have shown we are intelligent reasoned articulate individuals with valid and relevant opinions"

Isnt this more fitting of screaming Lord Such?

Next week to show that the UKIP have a policy on Healthcare they plan to hold a tea party on a trafffic island outside Walthamstow!
Not a member of any political party, and I normally spoil my ballot paper as there isn't a line that says 'None of the nobbers above', but I have a great deal of support for the UKIP.

I am a European, able to claim nationality for at least three Euro Nations. I believe in a Europe so linked by trade and belief in the freedom of the individual and the liberties of the individual that it stands for the people of Europe and the great diversity of its peoples.

I do not believe in the despotic, marxist, and bureaucratic mess that has been imposed upon us by our sad excuse for politicians. A friend of mine who is now a very senior appartchik in the labour party (and to think when I knew her she was a young tory) told me that she looked forward to a united socialist Europe.

When I buy a car I want to buy a BMW or Audi, the trots have given us the equivalent of a Lada.

UKIP nuts? I think not! but I still wouldn't vote for them (or Balair or Cameron).

Want to make a change - insist on NONE OF THE ABOVE on the ballot paper. The nobbers may get the idea.

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