UKIP MEP jailed for 2 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Just on the BBC so why arn't the other thieving barstewards in court no linky as yet

  3. Link

    From what I initially understand, it's because he was carrying out blatant fiddling, as opposed to 'it's all within the rules' fiddling. If, however, he'd given the money to his wife as wages for doing sod all, it would be ok.
  4. Interesting to see that a party which would like us to believe is holding the moral high ground has selected two frawdsters to represent us, and themselves been found guilty of accepting illegal contributions
  5. The first UKIP MEP to be prosecuted committed housing benefit fraud, his 200 grand a year euro package was, apparently, insufficient to live off.

    The cheeky b@stard asserted his right to immunity from UK law. The UK had to ask the European Parliament for permission to prosecute him. The EU took their time deciding whether to allow the UK to prosecute a UK citizen for breaking the law while in the UK.

    Eventually he got nine months.
  6. Farage dismissed him from UKIP as soon as it was known AND was due to give evidence AGAINST him.
    unlike other parties who support fraudulent claims by re-working the claims proceedures to keep them.

    Good for Farage and good for UKIP

    from the Times:
    Tom Wise, 61, who was elected for Ukip but lost the party whip when his offences emerged, accumulated the money over 13 months, spending it on a new car and fine wines

  7. Coz they appoint the other crooks who decide whether they were crooks…

  8. I find it amazing that there are only two fiddling MEPs out of the whole Eurosleezepit, why on earth didn't they just make a half-hearted grudging apology and that would have been that.
    Does anyone know if any other MEPs have been done for fiddling, perhaps from different states?
  9. Its even more amazing that only these two of the hundreds of proffesional thieves we have in politics have been prosecuted.
    Actually, amazing is probably a poor choice of words.
  10. UKIP chairman Paul Nuttall has welcomed a judge's decision to jail a former MEP who fiddled £39,000 in expenses to two years today.

    "This whole sorry episode is now over and justice has been done," said Mr Nuttall.

    "We now hope that the CPS will be emboldened to look more closely at Westminster."

    Tom Wise, 61, who represented Ukip before turning independent, spent 13 months channelling the money into a bank account he secretly controlled.

    He pretended the £3,000 "secretarial assistance allowance" he received every month was for his 62-year-old researcher Lindsay Jenkins.

    But London's Southwark Crown Court heard he spent most of it funding a love of fine wine, clearing credit card debts, buying a car and funding party political activities.

    When his dishonesty was exposed by a national newspaper, he did his best to worm his way out of trouble by repaying a large slice of the cash.

    Prosecutor Mark Fenhalls said that, but for the discovery, Wise could have pocketed up to £180,000.

    Wise, of Ship Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire originally denied false accounting between October 14 and November 16 2004 but confessed during his trial.

    He said he was entirely to blame and Jenkins, whom he had asked to sign blank documents, was innocent.

    As a result his former researcher, of Queens Club Gardens, Barons Court, west London, who had also been on trial, was cleared of the false accounting charge as well as an allegation of using criminal property.

    There are lots of MEP's doing this. exposed by Marta Andreason MEP (the EU accountant who whistle blew and resigned over the EU fraud. She stood in the UK as an MEP candidate and was elected as an MEP
  11. Why did she resign as UKIP treasurer?
  12. Is this the same EU Parliament that will not sign off on the audit of it's own accounts?
  13. Nothing amazing at all.

    Support the EU: steal all you want and the EU will protect you.

    Oppose the EU: be kept under close observation and prosecuted at the first opportunity.
  14. re illegal contributions:

    Mr Bown says he was mistakenly taken off the electoral register in December 2004 and did not find out until December 2005 he was not on it. He was reinstated in February 2006.
  15. Hi Rumplestiltskin,

    Sorry for the delay in reply buddy. I was trying to find an article I read a while ago in the Times, but I can't find it, I'll keep looking.

    To paraphrase:
    Marta disagreed with the chairman Paul Nuttall over spending policy. Paul Nuttall over ruled her on a finance/spending decission.

    It undermined her authority as treasurer. Marta resigned as party treasurer.

    Marta still remains an MEP for the party.