Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grumblegrunt, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I didn't look in the serious bit as I assumed it would be in one of the crayoning sections as the vitriol usually gets heated over ukip and snp :)
  3. Not a single mention of any of them being SNP supporters, just an insecure question about it being 'anti-English', no doubt posed by the BBC.
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  4. They looked like the usual loony rent a crowd mob to me. They appeared to be out for a jolly rather than trying to push any political message although I am sure some journos will manage to find some 'message' in it all.
  5. Yes - as a person of Scottish background etc, I feel ashamed that this happened. Those good folks who barracked, heckled Mr Farage etc were just a minority of Scots and do NOT represent anyone except their own dribbling, dink sodden loony selfs. They are Left Winger by politics, whether they are SNP supports or members, one doubts this. Just a bunch of so-called students, 'proffessional students' and Dole Scrounger layabouts, who saw this as a day for a bit of argy bargy against an English MEP/politician from Sarf of the Border. I met people like this when I was at college in Dundee in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

    I don't give them any credeance - they are out of the the same yammering, dribbling mould as GG and pals. The SNP does NOT represent everyone in Scotland in regard to the Scottish Independance discussions in public. Yes, there has been an anti-English feeling in some quarters in Scotland. But then, they feel the same way about others. These good folks(??) just show up their own ignorance about others.

    Yes - there has been a long, long history of greivances by the Scots against the English for centuries. But to keep living in the past like some folks do, then this does not say very much for the intelligence of these good folks(??). Many of these good Folk(??) also take umbridge against those who live in the Highlands and Islands and regard them as 'Teuchters' (peasants). So, even amongst the Scots, there are predjudices agaisnt fellow countrymen/women. This sort of prejudice by Lowlander Scots against the Highlander Scots has always dogged Scottish history, society and politics.

    These dribbling, crayoning Lefties are all 'Townies' in that sense. they probably wouldn't know what a cow was, or how meat gets on the table, except by buying it in the form of Extra large Big Macks in the form of burgers. As for their 'drink' for consumption, it is probably a mixutre of Barrs irn Bru, cheap Cyder mixed with Vodka, folowed by several spliffs as a desert.

    These Good Folks(??), as said before, represent nobody except themselves.

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  6. Anti English? Says a lot I suppose for a city stuffed to the gunnells by English students, workers & tourists. Spend your money on our exorbitantly priced goods but don't dare bring your barmy English Westminster politicians but Scottish Westminster ones are OK!
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  7. What is also rather interesting is that these clowns, whilst 'anti' almost everything except their own slanted views still expect the hated establishment to pay their way through life.
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  8. I always have a little smile when driving along Lomond from Faslane to Glasgow Airport at the sign that says 'Haste ye back' then a bit further on see the graffiti that says 'sound your horn if you hate the English'!
  9. "Nurse! Nurse! Quick....we need three cc's of morphine, an interpreter and a spell checker!"
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  10. Every time I've travelled in that direction, I've had a smile from one ear to the other. Regardless.

    Can't say the same about the return journey though...

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  11. i wonder what the outcome would be if the English were given the chance to vote on keeping the jocks,god could you image the money if we cut the sweatys and europe adrift.
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  12. Aye, you'd end up looking further & further inward, complaining about the scousers/geordies/cockneys/lancs/yorkies etc until you tore yourselves asunder.
  13. EScotia, sounds like a fine plan to me.
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  14. yep most members of goverment think life ends at watford gap anyway,look at the cost of bbc salford.