UKIP Manifesto - Sod the Lot! Really???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Well the Chuckle Brothers have released their manifesto.

    Great reading (sarcasm intended) and although I was almost tempted to throw a vote their way, Now, I don't think I'll bother.
    Some are feasable and have a great deal of common sense about them, some are blatant wealth making devices for the already rich and some are laughable.

    Some key points:

    • Introduce 31% Flat Tax rate for all
    • Abolish National Insurance for Employees
    • Abolish Inheritance Tax
    • Cut Council Tax by scrapping EU laws, non jobs and political correctness

    • Boost the military budget by 40%...equip our troops properly
    • Increase the army by a quarter and double the Territorial Army
    • Look after our service personnel with better pay and conditions.

    • Create a million new manufacturing jobs
    • End means testing for pensions and benefits
    • Introduce Workfare community projects for those on benefits

    • Introduce ‘franchise partners’ to run hospitals and healthcare services
    • Allow patients ‘Health Credit Vouchers’ for healthcare choice – NHS and private
    • Restore free dental check-ups and eye tests under the NHS

    • End mass uncontrolled and unlimited immigration
    • End abuse of UK asylum system
    • Introduce work permits visas for limited periods
    • End support for multiculturalism and promote one, common British culture

    • Build the prisons we need
    • Double the number of police
    • Abolish the Crown Prosecution Service
    • Deport foreign criminals andextremists

    UKIP Manifesto Bitesize

    Wow! This is a mish-mash of la-la policies with an endless amount of cash to use and no where to get it from.

    I had to look twice to see who was actually launchin this, as it seems like the extreme Right-Wing view that a few Tories wish Cameron had the balls to go with.

    I'm flabbergasted after all these years building support and clawing some credability, they knock out this pile of utter utter shite. However it may appeal to the average middle class bigot.
  2. I agree with their views on immigration and the police, hell in fact I'll be 100% honest, I agree with most of those things above.

    But I'm a realist. Doubling the police & TA? Increasing defence by 40% Creating 1 million manufacturing jobs? Err, how exactly?

    These policies, whilst nice on paper, are totally Utopian and unrealistic.
  3. And just to add though, that "Sod The Lot" poster is actually quite good, and in my view has the potential to be quite effective.
  4. At the risk of demonstrating myself to be an average middle class bigot (although I've always aimed for above average...)

    Don't forget that we'll save a LOT of money be getting out of the EU, which is, after all, what makes them attractive to a lot of people (second in the last Euro elections). That will be £7B a year from the bottom line straight away, the top line figure of what we actually put in being significantly more, plus other costs from not enforcing EU legislation across the board.

    I'll grant you that promising to create a million manufacturing jobs is only going to work if they want to build an eight-lane superhighway to Norway, but when we stop paying for motorways in Spain and Greece, we'll be able to afford to pay off some of Brown's debts, here.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I have to say, I rather like the idea of their policies, and yes, also the tag-line.

    Increase the MOD budget by 40%? That would make it, what, £49 billion. It's not actually that big an increase, but it will sure help matters. Bear in mind that once we pay off Gordon Brown's incompetence, we'll save £35 billion per year in interest payments, of which £14 billion can easily go to the MOD. That leaves £19 billion for other worthy causes.

    As for the flat rate tax of 31%. Seems that flat rate tax is working in other countries, and nobody is rioting on the streets. It would make the cost of the tax system in this country a LOT cheaper to manage, and thus create even more savings. Imagine a life with no road tax, council tax, fuel tax, fag tax, booze tax, NI tax, death tax, shop tax . . . . . and a very much simpler income tax. I'd sure be happy with that.

    I think that if all the taxes we pay currently are turned into a percentage of our earnings, it's much more than a mere 31%. and a lot more expensive to collect.
  6. Two flaws in that plan.
    1. Remove indirect taxation and income tax would have to increase to 90%+. Especially with the lowering numbers of actually productive employees.

    2. The advantage of indirect taxation is that even the Chav underclass contribute something when buying their booze, fags, LCD flatscreens, Burberry, etc.
  7. So the person on minimum wage would see £40 knocked off their wages per week, but everything is cheaper? Good idea, but try explaining that to a nation of chavs.
  8. I just wonder quite howw far Mr Farage would run if we turned round and said OK youve got the job fix it.

    Manifesto's like this are dead easy to write when you know you will never ever have to actually try and do it.

    The man is an even bigger numpty than Brown to even sugfgest all of his manifesto is possible. He just wants some ones vote so he can enjoy the Westminster gravy train along wiith the Brussels one he has alreadye signed up for.

    I suppose the real question to ask UKIP is if they did actualy form the government whatposition would they be giving Mr Griffin
  9. Luvverly M8...deffo give up work, my doley giro will just go that much further..... :D
  10. It's interesting how 'fatcav' says h was thinking of voting for UKIP but then calls their policies as only being of interest for 'middle class bigots'. The cat is pretty much out of the bag with that last bit. Someone considering voting for them is not then going to use the leftist/old labour derogatory term for UKIP are they? I strongly suspect fatcav will support Labour or the Greens by the use of such language.
  11. You're assuming that you're still going to get one, then? I think that work-fare and the absence of non-skilled foreign labour will address that point...
  12. Exactly.

    However I think it would not be a bad thing if UKIP got a few MPs; it might serve to get the Tories to lean a bit more to the right than Call-Me-Dave's Blair Lite policies and listen to people on issues such as immigration and the EU.

    If Cameron wanted to pull a fast one, he'd have promised a referendum in their manifesto yesterday.
  13. Pie in the sky from a party that knows it's never going to have to work out how to pay for it.

    I might as well say that if I get elected as Prime Minister I'll put the Armed Forces on a starting wage of £45,000 a week and give every single soldier a personal gold plated Challenger 2 as a weekend run about.
  14. The mistake here is thinking that VAT and the like will be scrapped - it doesn't say that.

    A nice flat rate income tax - with absolutely zero room for writes offs or deductions of any sort - coupled with VAT should mean the same (or even more) tax income to the treasury.

    Plus the fact that they can increase VAT (or introduce another one, like in the US) if they need more cash and then justify it by saying that it is a tax on the rich.

    I like the idea of a flat tax with no tax write offs and the like.
  15. Wrong bud, I'm a floating voter, I've plenty of posts that say that. Being as I waited to see where UKIP (and others) were nailing their colours I didn't bother reading their (or anyone's else's) policies in depth until I saw that they had either honed them or published a manifesto. There's plenty above that interest me and some that don't. The one's I don't agree with are the more in line with the Tory policies of old of wealth retention. How many of the population are currently affected by the £325,000 Inheritance Tax threshold? Not my family that's for sure! The Tories want to raise it to £1,000,000, but I suspect if you have that much then you'd be savvy enough to square it away so that it won't be touchable by the Governement anyway?

    I was hoping that UKIP could have been a refreshing alternative to the Conservatives, but they seem to be more to the right than I expected. As posted above by others, they're a generic bunch of popularist policies of a utopia that they will never have to put into practice, probably wrote by any second year right-wing student. I wouldn't vote Labour in a months of Sundays, and the Greens? Really mate, are you that naffed off by my old Leftist language that you think they'll get my vote? If it's sarcasm, it's pretty well hidden. Just because I could be encouraged to lean to the right, it doesn't mean I agree with all their policies and ethos.

    Stop looking for the Reds under the beds and throwing around spurious, and quite laughable, insinuations of my voting intensions.