UKIP man in a spot of bother

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PepperSeaDog, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. It's the wrong arm.

    I used to love the picture that the Kabul based CIED teams used of a German soldier with his arm outstretched in a Nazi salute. Amazing what a different camera angle can pick up when you're stopping traffic.

    I'm sensing this may be the BBCs Guardianistas showing their heads again after they got caught out with global warming and Savillegate.
  2. Its quite amusing watching the traditional three digging dirt on UKIP, they are very worried it seems. I am sure if I had an inclination I could dig up shite on some those standing for the big three.
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  3. Fixed for you
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  4. UKIP seem to be attracting attention from a lot of quarters... often derogatory.

    Are people getting worried that this party may soon be a little bit more main stream than they would like? But rather than do anything about it (ie listen to the people) they feel they would rather marginalise the UKIP with a smear or two?

    That chap could be doing a wrong armed Nazi salute, on the other hand he could have just caught himself aligning his monitor screen or adjust the camera.

    Would a UKIP candidate really publish a photo of himself giving it the 'big smile' action?And no I don't vote UKIP.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I truly wish UKcrap would really be the alternative to my former friend the Tory Party. But it's full of closet EDL fetishists, nut-jobs and militant Lib Dem (aka nut jobs) supporters.

    If they had more than one policy, they would be taken far, far more seriously.
  6. No, the main parties aren't worried, just as they haven't been for the UKIP's entire existence. They're probably annoyed at the pantomime they're making of the entire process. I'm no lover of politicians but UKIP are the annoying children tugging at the hem of everyone's trousers whilst the adults are trying to have an after-dinner conversation.
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  7. Indeed - I mean, its not like he was photographed in a nazi uniform like the Labour shadow chancellor or anything

  8. Irregardless, what worldly experience & wisdom does a 22 year old bring to the table whatever party he's in.

  9. They may start off as a one issue party, and that's the common glue that binds them together. Just as with the labour party it was the trades Union movement, but after a period of time they have the potential to modify their views on other issues to draw in more support. Are you telling me that everyone who votes Labour or Tory agrees fully one hundred percent with the party manifesto?

    In fact, there are actually some of the UKIP policies that I think that are quite good, some not so good. That's the same with every other party.

    After all, labour had to change it's views to win votes under new Labour.
  10. I think that it his mark to be truthful down to a T.
    Always regarded the arsole as a socialist/commie/tyrant with a big T
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Nazi uniform AND eye makeup - how very Berlin!!
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  12. Why would a party (Labour) which is not worried put out an election leaflet of which half is devoted to denigrating UKIP?
  13. Least he's not spent 15 years being assimilated in the Borg collective that are the bulk of our MPs all the main parties.
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