UKIP joins National Front group in European Parliament..

Nigel Farage was on telly this morning and was asked about the current state of UKIP.He says the party is not what it was and is going in a much different direction.
If asked,I doubt he would go back in any capacity.
I did Nazi that coming

Loony New UKIP Attacks Nigel Farage -

Batten is good in interviews and makes a lot of good points but I wonder about his judgement and the direction he may be taking willingly or unwittingly. Former communist and canine Hitler salute trainer Count Dankula has found favour with Batten who suggests he stand as a UKIP candidate.


I really don't know whether he is having a joke to feed the outrage or if he is serious.

Apparently the Mail on Sunday is going to do a "hatchet job" on Batten

UKIP Twitter feed:
UKIP (@UKIP) on Twitter
Count Dankula maybe having cash flow issues soon, now that YouTube have stopped him monetarising content on YouTube

I wonder if Gerard has asked for a private viewing of the pug doing a Nazi salute?

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