UKIP having a cow about "folded" ballot papers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Wave of complaints at ballot paper blunder

    Thursday, 4th June 2009

    "UKIP is being inundated with calls from voters complaining that UKIP is not
    on the ballot paper.

    Voting has only been going on for three hours and already hundreds are calling the UK Independence Party to complain that they were not able to vote for the party.

    The problem is that Returning Officers have been folding the ballot papers.
    They have been folding them so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order are hidden when the first fold of the paper is opened. It thus appears that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

    UKIP has already contacted both the Electoral Commission and the Returning Officers on this matter.

    But it is important that the news gets out: that voters must make sure they completely unfold the ballot paper. And that Returning Officers and electoral officials must stop folding the ballot papers.

    We have had reports from Carlisle, from York, from Hampshire, Dartford and other places, showing that the problem is nationwide, not just an isolated incident.

    UKIP is collecting the names and addresses of those complaining and will be preparing the grounds for a legal challenge to the election result."

    Tinfoil hats on.
  2. Fixing the ballots? The final step to becoming a banana republic has been achieved. Long live zanu-labour! Install Brown as for PM for life!
  3. Why tinfoil hats? If it is a legitimate concern then UKIP every right to raise the issue.
    After all, this country isn't imune to electoral fraud is it?
  4. This could be avoided, of course, by only allowing those people who are intelligent enough to fully unfold a piece of paper the right to vote.
  5. If someone doesnt have the intelligence to unfold a ballot paper then they should step away from the polling booth
  6. Oh right, so potential atempts at vote manipulating should not be investigated then?
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its obviously an EU plot to bring in intelligence testing via the back door.....
  8. Translation - when we do less well than we thought (as the recent polls suggest we might), we will waste taxpayers' money on a legal challenge to keep our name in the headlines, using the rationale that it was electoral fraud rather than the fact that some people are too stupid to unfold a piece of paper.

    Jagman - unless the returning officers have carried out some bizarre form of origami making the folds difficult to detect, folding ballot papers horizontally once or twice to reduce the length, making them easier to handle when taking them to the polling booth is not contrary to the rules. I also find it hard to imagine how voters can miss a fold in a ballot paper.
  9. Because it would amount to a stunning bit of foot shooting :lol:

    "Labour risks losing votes in the European elections on Thursday as a result of a monumental blunder in organisation, party insiders claim.

    They are anger that Labour appears 11th on the ballot paper, behind Scottish Socialists and Socialist Labour, and claim that hundreds of votes could be lost because of voter confusion.

    Under new electoral rules political parties had to register for Thursday’s vote using their UK-registered names. The Scottish Conservatives appear simply as Conservatives on the paper. Likewise, the Liberal Democrats have dropped the word “the”, putting them nearer the top of the paper, which is in alphabetical order. However, Labour appears as “The Labour Party”.
  10. Going to vote now. I will pay particular attention to the "Origamists" hanging about looking furtive.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You must really be paranoid if you see this as some deliberate attempt to manipulate voting.

    Pubs are open, go get a pint and relax mate :wink:
  12. Gordons seen it work his mate Bob Mug and with the amount of shite he's in, it's worth him giving it a crack..
  13. Well quite. I'm totally unable to function before midday, but even I, at 0715 today, worked out that the ballot paper needed unfolding. I've no doubt there will be the usual complaints when people realise that they need to put a X in the box instead of a tick... :roll:
  14. Forget the outrage bus, we need a mong mobile
  15. This is quite incredible!

    Just how STOOPID is the UK electorate?

    You are looking for UKIP and can't find it because it's hidden so deceptively by a fold! Just how stoopid do you have to be to qualify as a UKIP supporter?