UKIP get a third leader.

I believe the reason he never won his Seat was due to the disproportionate amount of opposition canvassing to make sure.
They threw everything at it and it was widely reported at the time.

He led a small Party with tiny support into one with 4 million votes in a General Election.

The Brexit Referendum would not have happened without the groundswell of opinion supporting what he was vocalising so well.

A pretty effective politician by any measure.


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As long as the Referendum is not overturned or usurped by people blinded by their youthful lack of wisdom, Liberal / Socialist view of how the world should be, but cannot due to human involvement.
And finally ( and arguably worst ) throw in religious beliefs. If they get counted, it just creates more victims.

Removing all the above, I am quite certain that after a few years of belt tightening, regaining Sovereignty will see us and more importantly those who come after, more control over their destiny.
I’ll settle for one nation conservative. I’m neither young, blinded, particularly liberal and certainly not socialist. Nor am I religious unless there’s incoming.

Considering that one of the referendums main selling points was immediately backtracked the morning of the win. Nobody voted for blight tightening and making us poorer.

This sovereignty thing? what is it and how do we get it swapping one group of countries for another.

Do you really think that Asians, Indians and Chinese will be more sympathetic to our idea of sovereignty (whatever that is) than our European neighbours and one time trading partners.

If we’re having a deep and special relationship with Europe. Are we having a deeper and specialar relationship with our new best friends and how do you see that going.?

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