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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by unicorn77, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Now, I have voted UKIP but at the last election I voted tactically Cons because I knew UKIP didn't have a chance of getting in and I thought it more important to get Labour out. But now it looks like the Cons are unelectable on their own and we've ended up with not much difference. So I'm back to UKIP.

    What I would like to know from people on here is whether they think the UKIP defence policies stack up, with particular regard to costs. Extracted from their website:

    "Spend an extra 40% on defence annually, another 1% of GDP

    · Restore the Royal Navy to its 2001 strength with three new aircraft carriers and nearly 70 other ships, at the same time guaranteeing the future of the Plymouth, Portsmouth and Rosyth bases

    · Increase RAF capability by buying more essential helicopters, transport aircraft and 50 extra JSF Lightning aircraft

    · Restore historic regiments, such as the Highland regiments, which are being subsumed into planned European battle groups

    · Maintain Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent with existing Trident submarines and then replace them with four British-built submarines armed with US missiles"

    So that means 3.5% of gdp to cover that list etc. Personally, I'd live with 5% and balance the rest of the budget around that priority. Is anyone able to authoritatively criticise that 3.5% or point me somewhere that can?
  2. Sounds all well and good by financially I don't think the sums add up.
  3. How much British defence procurement runs on time and on budget?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Hardly the most pressing policy at the current juncture, and considering they have no MP's and are not likely to, somewhat akin to playing Dungeons and Dragons....maybe a policy of giving everyone a thousand quid would be a good move.....?
  5. UKIP can promise pretty pink bows on solid gold F22s because they are totally and utterly unelectable. They are a protest vote against the EU and it's no surprise that their kindred spirits at the BNP also do well in Euro elections.

    UKIP = BNP in blazers
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  6. That is not quite a fair representation. I don't think UKIP could fairly be described as 'racist'.
  7. Have fixed this for you....

    No wonder UKIP are considered to be a bunch of cocks.
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  8. Nigel Farage
  9. On come now, lets be fair. Show me one political party that aren't a bunch of cocks.....
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  10. Are UKIP planning a major war? What on earth do they want to spend 3.5% extra on defence for? What is all that kit going to do for us? Don't we have other, more pressing matters to attend to?

    I'm all up for strengthening the Armed Forces, but 3 aircraft carriers and a load of non-existent Yank planes is a waste of cash we don't really have to spend at the moment anyway!
  11. Reptilian journo scum?
    (The OP not smartarse)
  12. Stack up against what? Perhaps a thorough definition of their FP - beyond leaving the EU - would assist in making that judgement? I believe that is the traditional, though neglected, way to shape defence policy.
  13. Cloud cuckoo land stuff. As pointed out we don't need all that stuff and couldn't afford it if we did.

    What's the harm in training in European formations other than getting Daily mail reader painfully errect at the idea of proud Brits working along side dastardly foreigners.

    I have taken part in excellent training exercises with French German and a host of other EU countries. While I don't agree with a sole EU army it docent matter as despite what some fringe lunatic may suggest it won't happen no country will put it's sovereign forces under the sole command of the EU. The fact we have trained for joint operation is a bloody good idea.
  14. Ooh, ooh, he said the enn-word.

    That one remark by one bloke must mean everyone in the party is a racist.
  15. But it does suggest that it's the view of a senior member of the party and it's not out side the realms of possibility that others feel the same way.

    Mostly if UKIP have senior members that crushingly stupid as to make rasist remarks and be documented doing them then they are not ready for power. Which is ok as the only seats they have are as MEP a institution they despise. Scooby doo was less confused then they are.