UKIP comes 2nd in South Sheilds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by STILTS, May 3, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - South Shields by-election: Labour retain seat as UKIP finish second

    Labour have won the South Shields parliamentary by-election, retaining a seat they have held since 1935.

    Labour saw their majority drop to just under 5,000 in Thursday's poll as The UK Independence Party finished second, with a 24% share of the vote.

    The Conservatives were pushed into third while their Liberal Democrat coalition partners finished seventh.

    The contest was triggered by the resignation of former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband as an MP.

    Counting is under way in a series of council elections in England, where polls were also held on Thursday.

    With the limp Dems coming seventh and losing their deposit is this going to be a big in road to mainline politics for UKIP?
  2. this is the locals - apathy levels are high and the 'fringe' parties tend to do well compared the gen elections

    saying that, their appeal is growing and they could cash in on dwindling support for the Tories (as in the natural unpopularity of any govt in power regardless of party). I'm not sure how far UKip would take support off the lib dems though, given their fairly polar ideologies

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  3. Funny thing is Nigel Farge said they would get about 25% on a program before HardTalk
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  4. The decline of the LibDems in certain parts of the Country (N) will give Nick Clegg & his party further concerns of their awful result.

    The Conservatives have survived better in this area than expected according to most.

    UKIP looks a strong contender to overtake LibDems, however consistency up & down the Country is what the Party needs so preliminary analysis to early to judge.
  5. scratch what I just said. reread the article and hadn't realised it was a by election. very interesting result

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  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Not bad result for the Xenophobes, being a protest vote Party and all that.
  7. Well if the results overall encourage the Coalition to bring forward the EU referendum that's exactly UKIP's aim, however Mr Clegg & Co will drag the issue out for as long as possible.

  8. I'm a big fan of xenophobia
    I'm not so sure UKIP can be dismissed as simply a protest vote party anymore either.
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  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think UKIP will continue to be considered a protest party for as long as they describe themselves in that way, which they do.
  10. Or until they get themselves an MP or two
    South Shields has never voted anything other than Labour but their majority has taken a hammering. The Cleggites lost their deposit
    UKIP are taking votes from all the big three (although it is arguable that the LibDems aren't going to be one of the big three much longer)
    I freely admit to using UKIP as a protest vote myself but I actually agree with an awful lot of their policies, I don't think I'm alone either.
    UKIP is one of the best things to hit British politics in decades, they've got the mainstream parties arses twitching in a big way and that's got to be worthwhile.
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  11. South Shields would vote for that oaf Gordon Brown - just because he's Labour.
  12. I feel protest vote parties, historically have succeeded in giving the big 3 a 'bloody nose' from time to time but I'm thinking they will need stitches and surgery after the next general election.
    I can't see the lib dems loosing many votes to UKIP but the amount the big two will lose will push the lib dems back to 4th.
    There's gonna be muesli flying and smear campaigns turned up to the max between now and then.
  13. The big losers in this were the LibDems. This time round, Lab 51.5%, Con 11.5%, LibDem 1.4%; in 2010 it was Lab 52%, Con 21%, LD 14%; in 2005 it was Lab 61%, Con 17%, LD 19%.

    The LD candidate tried to play down the result, saying that they had never done well in SS, a claim that the 2005 results show to be complete bollocks, they have gone from being the second place party to being deposit-forfeiting also-rans in the space of two contests.
  14. Sorry, I was referring to the next general election, not the locals, the parties often take slaps like this at this time.
  15. This was a Parliamentary by-election, not a local election. Granted the result is not a reliable predictor of results in a General Election, but the result is significant.