UKIP aligns itself with Labour and LibDems in Norfolk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 24, 2013.

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  1. And...

    I wonder how many experienced people they will have when they win the general election in 2015?

    Vote UKIP for a Labour government.
  2. You're a naughty, naughty man. Do you realise what an epidemic of embolism you're just caused on here?
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  3. It's a bit irrelevant really. The issue with Norfolk County Council's leadership is all based around an incinerator in King's Lynn that the Conservatives have been pushing through for the last couple of years. No other party wanted it but the Conservatives had overall control of the County Council so it was being bullied through quite nicely.

    It has **** all to do with national politics. The story genuinely IS that boring.
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  4. Well, if it were that simple, all the 15 UKIP councillers have to do is vote against the incinerator project to kill it off.

    But, instead, they've decided to allow Labour to lead the council even though they (Labour) came third in polling and in number of councillors.

    How bizarre!!!

    Vote UKIP for a Labour government.
  5. Guns

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    Coalitions, filthy foreign communist idea. FPTP and if no clear winner steaming bats on fists and lights out. Last man standing wins.
  6. I do find it amusing how the very same people that, just before and after the 2010 general election, were shocked at the prospect of coalition governance, that still blame coalition governance for the failure to mend the economy and extract the UK from the EU are the very same ones now advocating some form of Conservative-UKIP coalition!

    Quite bizarre!!!

    What has happened in Norfolk should serve as a wake-up call to all the conservative Conservative voting insurgents who think defection to UKIP will influence Conservative Party policy:

    - Look what happens when you vote, in protest, for a party with a single-issue at the forefront (substitute incinerator for EU membership).
    - Look what sort of coalition you might end up with.
    - Look who's going to end up running the show.
  7. Very true. Mind you look at what we've got running (?) the show at the moment!

    At the moment they are just preferable to that which you predict, but every week I begin to wonder more and more.....
  8. You obviously don't understand how local government works in this country do you? Labour and Conservatives set to form coalition to run East Lothian Council | News | Edinburgh | STV

    Vote Conservative and get a labour Government!
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  9. Strange coalitions and relationships will always occur in local politics.

    In East Lothian, the Conservatives have decided to play kingmakers with the largest party (just) - Labour - rather than the SNP. I assume they got a better offer from Labour than SNP. But, they are going into a coalition in a responsible manner.

    On the otherhand, UKIP in Norfolk have decided to align with everybody else to keep the largest grouping by far out of power. They have also done this in such aa way as to extract themselves from all responsibility of government whilst letting (one would assume) the arch-enemy who came third to run the ship. Quite bizarre!!!

    However, the main point is that many, many people who are Conservatives at heart but have decided to decamp to UKIP think a broad coalition can be created between the Conservatives and UKIP. A coalition they hope that will keep Labour out of power and give them what they want most: and EU referendum.

    Norfolk proves that the real world normally does not act in the way that wishful thinkers on ARRSE desire.
  10. I'm... simply gobsmacked.
  11. Don't worry they are probably all related!
  12. :)
  13. Now the locals only have to align their eyes, and the coalition will be really up against it.
  14. I've got a feeling it's all going to end in tears in Norfolk. UKIP do **** all in Brussels most of the time - except when claiming expenses - and Norfolk County Council meetings are likely to be a lot more boring than EU ones.
    One UKIP councillor in Thetford did no canvassing or election work of any kind, was still elected and only found out when someone phoned him up the next day.
    I can't see him turning up much.