UKBA Chief Inspector: Systematic failures

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Quite apart from news that the UKBA is to be split in two, there is a potential outrage outing, and even,
    perhaps a boredom/knew it before/no surprise because most UK government agencies are massive chods/what about the football scores or my SA80 /who feckin cares kind of air to this stuff.

    But in light of today's report and in Olympic year, there's also all this, allegedly:

    Report in to secret relaxations of security checks revealed by a government watchdog inquiry in to the UK Border Agency. The inquiry follows Brodie Clark's dismissal by Home Secretary Theresa May, her role and performance in all of it, is anybody's guess.

    Home Secretary, Theresa May refused to resign after appearing to be incompetent, naive and arrogant during her questioning.

    In a catalogue of events, there's these accusations:
    UK's border checks were being relaxed at ports and airports without ministerial approval.
    Problems began before the current government took power, as well as continuing until the dismissal of Mr Clark last year.
    Ten Border Agency staff caught harbouring illegal immigrants
    Illegals and asylum seekers, enough to "fill Cambridge" have been let go and won't be sought.

    Outrage and firing up the bus is one option, but hang on, the more you look in to all this, the more shite turns up on this lot. Isn't this all a serious systematic failure in central government, and dereliction of duty and responsibilities, committed by one of the most important agencies in government? With what consequences?
  2. No, what you see is the systematic failure of a certain departments personnel (who may well have been a political appointee from the ousted government) to realise they are no longer able to "hide" their previous masters' inefficiency or confusion by just not doing what their job entails.

    There may also be a touch of the current incumbents not listening, but on the whole I think they've demonstrated they are prepared to listen given the opportunity when backed into a corner.
  3. So, systematic failure by personnel and not the UKBA? Failing to follow Border Agency procedure, government and agencies
    not listening. Remnants from the last Labour government not necessarily the incumbent's fault entirely. But they are willing to listen when backed in to a corner. More likely; hung out to dry in public by a government watchdog, and having little choice but to listen, nor much room to hide.

    "Half a million people not checked", "fingerprint checks suspended 350 times". Missing terrorists, criminals, and illegals?
    You can't check everyone, but to suspend checks in order to meet targets, speed up the process, hide illegals or just simply don't care about
    your job, seems cultural and social suicide. Positively criminal. Or are there also other reasons?

    Motivations and failures may not be brought out entirely. Ethnic minorities and activists may or may not have had a hand in some of this, Home Secretaries might not resign and UKBA executives may continue with handsome bonuses. Split the UKBA in two, essentially making it twice as hopeless. Is that it?

    Labour's policy of cultural transformation via immigration wasn't an accident, but completely deliberate. Remember Labour adviser Andrew Neather's admission: that their policy was intended to "rub the Right's nose in diversity"?

    Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser - Telegraph
  4. Just a thought... How would splitting HMRC into two parts work? One part could do the Inland Revenue bit and the other part could do the Customs and Excise bit and also keep an eye on our borders...
  5. Interesting thought, HMRC split in two and one looking after borders. How do you reconcile the money police and border control agencies? One performs duties in Customs, tax, and VAT, and the other has responsibilities for matters relating to immigration, permission to stay, work permits, citizenship, and asylum. And HMRC has already been subject to merger. This country suffers from mergers, just as fickle adolescents with over busy hands and minds build and demolish Lego on a whim.

    It may be fair to say that neither agency is up to the job in any case and there's not been great leadership,nor wise choices in staff, in either agency. HMRC IT system 'not sufficient' to analyse Border Agency pilot data - talks about an "investigation into border security checks in the UK which found that a pilot last year, which allowed easing of security checks on certain groups or individuals, was not properly analysed due to failings in a HMRC IT system".

    "The recording of some vital border processes used an IT system owned and operated by HM Revenue and Customs, which "did not easily lend itself" to producing the the data needed by the UK Border Agency, said the report from the Independent Chief Inspector to the agency".

    IRIS, the Eye Scanner system, also seems to have failed.