UK4U Christmas Box 2006


Now that the dust has settled post Christmas I have been asked by the charity uk4u thanks! ( to see if I can get some ARRSE feedback on the 2006 box.

In particular it would be useful to know which contents went down well and which were not particularly well received.

I've chatted with one or two coming back from Afghanistan and the carabinar torch and folding mug seem to have been popular.

Many thanks



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First, thanks to UK4U and their affiliates for the Christmas box. These went down very well in Sarajevo, and I don't think anyone slagged off any item.

Just being cheeky for a moment... How about (If a sponsor could be found) the inclusion of one of those tiny pocket radios with headsets? Just a suggestion after something I heard being said.


Torch, tin, cup, racing snail, spice pot, picture frame (less picture!), sunglass cleaner etc all good stuff. Much appreciated :)

Only thing binned fairly rapidly was the strange xmas decoration thingy.
This would be a good oppertunity to start a list of preffered items applicable to specific theatres in readiness for next year, There is always a plethora of suggestions and lists at the back end of the year but I like to plan ahead and have my boxes ready to go . Although I am not adverse to sending boxes out ( at my expense ) during the rest of the year , after all Christmas is not just for you get my point though.

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