UK women are 'fattest in Europe'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stinker, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Surely Greediest and laziest would acompany this prestigious award . You only have to attend an average school run to witness these horrors in all there munterish glory .

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  2. What happened to the "Obese wimmin in uk" post? it was getting funny then disappeared?
  3. BBC stating the bleedin obvious, get yourself down to your nearest tesco and watch the munters walking around with their pony tails and fat kids in tow, all eating as they shop cos they cant fucking wait. A radio presenter asked for a phrase that would sum up the uk today and some wag quite accurately said ; asbo dypso tesco fatso.
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  4. Americans are always proud of the fact that everything there is bigger..
  5. I was on the bus home yesterday, chunky girl and mother (equally if not more chunky) gets on, girl can't find her free bus pass, they sit down opposite me and decide to root through her school bag, first out - make up bag (why, for the life of me I can't understand, Boots itself couldn't have supplied enough to cover this horror), second out - handful of choccy bars, not just one or two, but at least half a dozen and these people wonder why they put weight on. The biggest mistake TfL made was giving kids free bus passes, instead of walking the 200 yds they need to get to school, they get the bus and spend the money they would have spent on fares on chocs and fried chicken ( a speciality where I live) instead. School run time here on public transport smells like a greasy spoon at lunchtime.
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  6. Hang on, its that mother of lies Eurostat and nobodies pointed out it's obviously a plot by the IV Reich to smear England's loverly ladies. You kipping after a binge of authentically rusk filled British Bangers and Real Ale or what?

    I also notice they missed out Ireland land of the sofa dwelling potato people.
  7. Fixed that for you.
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  8. WTF ...might be female

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  9. Its all bollox , theres plenty of slim ones around.

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  10. He's just read your latest posts and is depressed wondering why you still draw breath, Dogturd!
  11. You're right it's the healthiest takeaway meal you can eat.
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  12. And you were worried this thread would be ruined?

    Step away from it fatso.
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