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Evenin' all.

Right so I've been thinking, dangerous usually;

Calling to mind two of the most recent events; that ex-forces train conductor, and the RAF Veteran in Preston who got chucked off the bus last week -

Quite often in the threads where these despicable things are discussed, many people offer to help, for example with the RAF Vet', someone asked if there were anyone nearby who could pop and see the old boy, being next door in Blackpool I volunteered (despite the fact I couldn't get his address anywhere)

Well these offers are really good, and I was thinking that we on arrse could set up some kind of network, by which a person commits to their locaility and should anything happen to a serving/ex-serving solider there is someone ready to go do something.

For example, the old boy could have done with some shopping I'd imagine, even just a chat with tea and biccies.

The train conductor could have done with an ehem...witness, to get him out of the shizzle, or a mass-mailing threatening to boycott the train company (think that actually happened)

So, is it a good/practical idea, and how would we go about setting it up?

I'm also thinking about mass-demonstrations etc for f'king HS/PC Nazi banned parades, that sort of thing - perhaps two categories of supporters, local personal help and national mail/protest help.
Hrm... fair point, though I'm thinking of the primary focus being things like helping out the RAF Vet' in Preston - going and seeing if he needs anything etc
Granted, it's directed at the business world, but I've got a similar thing running on All Callsigns whereby you can create or join a local group of ex-forces people.

It's a good idea, but ARRSE already does this (in a less deliberate manner). Pun VC & 36GL were high profile examples, but I'm sure there are many more.
While I like the idea a lot (and being outside the 'territorial waters' of the the old country) I think Arrse serves a bigger purpose.

Arrse influences national discourse. However slight the effect might be, it still thrusts a undeniable chunk of public opinion upon the powers that are.

To try and organize humanity around a website is a logistical nightmare.

But then, those whose say it can't be done are often interupted by someone doing it.....
Many Arrsers value anonymity and might feel uncomfortable about registering unless it could be done without disclosing too many personal details. Would there however need to be a screening process before turning Arrsers loose on ordinary people?

If this scheme did get off the ground it could be expanded to include those who are expats. They would be called upon less but if somebody does run into trouble abroad, local knowledge and a friendly face could be invaluable.

In principal I think this is a good idea that addresses an existing need.

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