Uk welfare support in Iraq

I bet it hasn't changed in Yonks, rough and ready, but enjoyed by all.

The company was the real star, alll in the same boat and we coped :roll:
You would be suprised to see what UK forces have atm.

Shaibah has a had a massive amount of "welfare" investment.

Both Shaibah and Basrah Airport have a "pizza hut" caravan as well as new and bigger EFI`s and the ECOS was shipped over from Bosnia as well.

I would say thumbs up, and no that was not an indication that I would like to go back for a third time.
Living up in the North of Scotland, we have, or had a mobile cinema which went around all the wee villages and smaller towns. The nearest "proper" cinemas being in Inverness. It was hired for a while by the MoD for entertaining the guys in Bosnia and Kosovo.

It isn't some wee movie projector mounted in the back of a Transit van, or Land Rover, with the screen being put up about 50 feet away with all the viewers exposed to the wind and the rain or the natives taking potshots at you when the Cavalry give the Indians a good kicking. :roll:

This cinema is mounted on a Artic trailer chassis. If I remember rightly you could get up to about 100 bodies in it fully protected from the elements.

Couple of mates of mine who got to use it said it was a great success, anyone know of any plans to get it out to the great Sandbox to the east?

God knows, you guys must be needing some sort of entertainment!
My bootneck son out there again(was there at start of tellic) reports air con tents, good shower and toilet facilities for each tent, and the food is " Awesome" . "Gucci shops" So its good to see that theyre not sleeping in holes in the mud any more.
I gather from my colleagues in Shaibah that the accommodation and food are good. Just the UK, then, where the accommodation is still substandard and where contractors produce dreadful food.

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