UK weapons reserves found!

Don't panic Mr Mannering, Jones has it all sorted!!!

'I'm a weapons enthusiast': Pensioner found to have armoury of firearms including 5ft long missile says collecting the explosives was just a harmless hobby

  • Officers found more than 40 weapons at the home of an elderly collector
  • Most of the weapons date from the First and Second World Wars
  • Among the haul was a WW1 artillery shell and a large Air Force missile
  • Harry Jones, 76, arrested on suspicion of possessing a prohibited firearm
  • He has been released on bail pending further police investigation

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Oh good. I was just saying to myself "Self, there hasn't been a new thread on the Manchester Scrap Dealer in an hour or so now. It's about time someone got the finger out"
Don't panic Mr Mannering, Jones has it all sorted!!!

And the Dad's Army Appreciation Society want to talk to you about your Lèse-majesté with the spelling of Mainwaring
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