UK War Memorials.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by banjotrooper, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. I've just read on another forum, that the RBL blocked fallen British Army NI casualties from being added to UK War Memorials. Is this correct and what about our current losses and others since WW2. Will they or are they being updated onto our UK War Memorials :? Please forgive me, but I live in Chocolate and beerland and don't see too many UK town and village memorials around here! :oops:
  2. Are the war memorials not meant for the two world wars dead, and the cenotaphs for all others? i was under that impression!
    Although im sure i saw somewhere that the Falkland island dead were added to some!
  3. I very much doubt that the RBL would be taking that line, as a national policy. It may well be that a local branch is, in relation to a particular war memorial, but it is difficult to comment without knowing the circumstances. Most public war memorials are primarily a local government responsibility. Many war memorials have had the names of NI and other postwar casualties added, and some have not.
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  4. You may be right there and the new National Memorial will list all who have fallen wherever however, it is the small village and town memorials that I was thinking of. Say a soldier from Frimpton upon the ooze fell in 1972 Belfast, would he have been added to the village war memorial? I guess Hackle may also be right. Local politics may well be an issue on was he, or wasn't he!
  5. Good point about the National Memorial Arboretum.

    Many (probably most) local war memorials have statutory listing as being of special architectural or historic interest. The national planning guidelines specifically recognise that the local authority may agree to the adding of additional names.
  6. Ive just a search regarding the ones we have near me, and so far they only list the WWI and WWII dead, and one dedicated to naval/marine dead, again from the wars.

    I thinks its a bit of both suggestions, be it, local authority and listed structure etc, also the fact they were originally for the two wars.

    Just found the national aboritum memorial as you posted, but apart from that, nothing is saying any different.

    Im sure though that ive seen names have been added from more recent conflicts, ie the Falklands, i just cant find anything concrete on it, but i will post if i do.

    (edit)Try this, there are a few, but has a good search section
  7. The National Inventory of War Memorials are happy to have missing names passed on to them if you find a new memorial
  8. I don't know about war memorials, but, locally, there was a long battle by the next of kin to get a young officer killed in Iraq buried in the CWGC plot at the local cemetery. It took a year to get permission but he was finally reinterred last month.

    The French have been adding their post-war casualties (Indo-China, Algeria, etc) onto their war memorials since at least the 1980's.
  9. The ex Mrs. frog had an uncle killed in Belfast in 1991 and there was a placque with his details on added to the towns memorial about 3 months later.Town of about 11000 pop. dont know if it would have happened in a big city.
  10. War memorials are usually owned by the parish, so it is up to them to include the names/war. For instance, Sandwich has WW1, WW2, Korea and the Falklands on theirs. It could just boil down to cost as it also depends on how they were inscribed on the memorial. A brass plaque (as on Sandwich's) is easier and cheaper to add than a full blown inscription - especially if the memorial is already full (considering it was only meant for the dead of the Wars To End All Wars).
  11. oldbaldy

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    In a village near me, a NI name has been added. The Parish Council did it.
  12. Thank you for your comments guys. I think the answers are there! :D
  13. Ah the French, love 'em or hate 'em they are proud to be French and always put French and being French first. As for our leaders I suppose a lot would not allow a name to be added to a local memorial in case it may "offend" a local non-christian person.
  14. IIRC the Memorial in Polperrot have a Falklands (Marine?) and a Gulf War casualty on it. Must admit it's the first time I'd noticed either conflict mentioned on Parish lists.

    They (the residents) raised the money when the 'powers that be' plead poverty.

    As an aside, I'm currently involved in a letter-writing campaign to get our local memorial moved and renovated. It sits rather ignominiously round the back of the Church and suffers at the hands of the local yobs on a depressingly regular basis.
    The replies have always been either too much money or too much effort - but as the Church was recently gutted by fire, I think it's an ideal time to move it into a more fitting position.

    No, I didn't torch the place before anyone starts.
  15. A very timely thread, guys, as I'm just starting a 'campaign' to get a memorial erected on my village green. There's a plaque in the church but that only gets noticed on Remembrance Sunday and I want to get something outside by a crossroad to be more prominent. It's only week 3 but if someone out there knows the best way to go about this I'd be grateful.