UK wants Sinn Fein US fundraising ban lifted

BRITAIN is pressing President Bush’s Administration to lift a fundraising ban imposed last year on the leadership of Sinn Fein, The Times has learnt.

But Mitchell Reiss, Mr Bush’s special envoy to Northern Ireland, has so far refused to heed calls from the British and Irish governments. They believe that Sinn Fein should be rewarded for renouncing its armed struggle and decommissioning IRA weapons.

Both sides are playing down any talk of a significant row, although sources in London have confirmed that “there is a clear difference of opinion between us on this issue”.

A senior US official acknowledged that it was “ironic” that Britain, having spent years fulminating over the millions of dollars raised by the Irish Northern Aid Committee (Noraid) to finance Sinn Fein and the IRA, should be seeking to get a fundraising ban lifted.,,171-2212310,00.html
Funny how times change eh?

Well done you Spams.
Funny how the situations change isnt it ??

Not that long ago it was the other way round.

Well done Mitchell Reiss for having the Spine our goverment lacks.
Fundraising in the US was never a real financial factor for IRA/SF. The real money was and is of course from crime.
But..... is this actually really happening, the SPAMS telling T.Bliar to feck orf??!! LOL yippee!
Excellent response from Reiss. He should be protected for breeding purposes.
The idea that someone who undertakes a criminal path and then gives it up for gain should be rewarded is yet another example of the oily bstard Swiss Tony. Whilst his lawyer friends may deny it technically - I regard it as moral blackmail supported by the guvmint

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