UK want US ABM system here

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Any chance that Tony has a job lined up with a firm connected in the contract?
  2. Why whats in it for us ? Cold wars long gone .
  3. Might be nice to be under the shield, if Ivan starts getting frisky in the next few decades...
  4. It's that sort of short sightedness that bit us on the ass 21 years after WW1
  5. Jeez I hope they dont put it in the Czech republic, theres enough yank tourists there as it is to have Spam troops running all over the shop!!

    What does Georgie Bush think he's doing? is he suddenly thinking that the fractioned soviet sphere of influence is suddenly going to build up again jesus does he see bad people on every street corner? isnt he f(u)cking the world up enough with talks of military action in Iran, sh1t he hasnt even sorted Iraq and Afghanistan out yet!! the guy should be taken out PDQ aren't there any Lee Harveys out there anymore in the land of the free?
  6. But it dosent work and its defending the us from a non exsistent threat .
  7. Making it work is simply a matter of time and money, which is why the Russians are so peeved about it. It's not the barely-functionl, limited system currently deployed that they're woried about, it's what it might look like in 2020.
  8. It does not protect us from fallout though, I would prefer it to actualy being hit by the missile though.

    They system needs to be fixed and then I would be happy with my taxes going into it. The sites of thies ABM silos should be placed properly thogh, if they where to be placed inland, that would be pointless.
  9. Er, EH??

    It's not your taxes going on it, it's US taxes. And I really don't think how near the coast it is makes a difference to a system designed to intercept sub-orbital rockets thousands of miles away.
  10. The US ABM system has improved immeasurably in recent years. They stuck at it quietly and persistently and some real results have been posted.

    The ship-borne part, namely the SM-3 destroyers, are mint. They hit most middle range ballistic missiles in tests, often launched without warning.

    THAAD seems to have worked out the kinks. The latest 2 out of 3 tests against middle range missiles were successful. It seems that the very high altitude tests surprised the developers in that THAAD seems to have "residual" capability against ICBMs as well.

    PAC-3 as medium defence is currently being developed. MEADS will be the bollocks.

    Currently they are testing lasers against strategic rockets. Recently they lased up a satellite with no problems. I for one will be glad the Americans will have our backs against threats from the middle east, and eventually, from the real east.
  11. BBC quoted at lunchtime that 'Costing' has not been decided between UK/US, so I would hold on that statement Andy.

  12. You are a SPAM PR man arent you????
    Very strange.