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UK vs Germany?

Im currently at chatham on my trade course and due to go to my unit once finished here.
Im ment to be off to 39 waterbeach but im thinking of seeing if i can change to a posting in Germany?
I'v heard most bloke on UK postings go home on weekends and the social life isnt as good as in Germany.
Does anyone no if it will be possible to change and is it worth me changing?
What are the benifts of UK or Germany postings?
if you are a young lad then i would advise the deutsch posting, i was there as a 17 year old sprog & fecking loved every minute of my 3 years there before going to brompton on my trade cse.

there normally is a far closer knit troop overseas as you do not bomb-burst on a friday home to mummy.

things may have changed nowadays as i left germany in 98 & have not returned since but that was how it went for myself.

as "looney" says just make the most of wherever you end up.

Germany is an excellent place to come as a first tour, however I have also spent far more time in UK and any posting is as good as the work you put in to it. Have a positive attitude and you should enjoy wherever you go.

My only advice would be never expect a posting to be as good as it was the first time you were their. You always seem to look back with rose tinted glasses. Mind you every time I look back at my postings I can never remember being in station, always away. That will go for UK or Germany these days.

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