UK-US Programs for Cadets

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Chief_Joseph, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if any OTC-ROTC exchange programs are still available. I've asked my cadre on my side of the pond, but they aren't aware of any happening anymore (they said there used to be some great ones). Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. Not entirely sure if there is a specific exchange programme, rather they are done caze by case I'd have thought.

    Know that "foreign OTC" OCdts at British unis can serve with our OTCs....have come accross Americans, Aussies & Canucks all in the OTC

    Don't know if this helps...
  3. Hate to bring this up but.

    Who pays for all this and what does it actually do, to benefit HM Armed Forces?
  4. "Know that "foreign OTC" OCdts at British unis can serve with our OTCs"

    Serve what ? Drinks ??
  5. ok, my bad perhaps, you knew what I meant though! :roll:

    what I meant to say was you can carry out training with them etc.
  6. When I went on an OTC exchange to the ROTC Leadership Development Course at Ft Lewis, we were paid MTDs and had some money put towards flights by HMG and other funds; the US Army met costs of food, transport etc while we were there.

    As for what it does to benefit HM Armed Forces - it continues the OTC mission of (essentially) PR to their own OCdts, providing a reasonable number of them with a very positive experience. It familiarises a reasonably large number of future American officers with the idea of working with HM Armed Forces in the future. It serves as PR for HM Armed Forces to the Yanks.

    From my POV, it was that experience that convinced me to gain my regular commission - not a bad investment for the Army (I hope), in return for a handful of MTDs and some subsidised flights.

  7. It might show the Brits what an OTC that actually exists to train officers does? Not sure what good the septics will get out of it though.
  8. I'm with CUOTC and we go on Ex. Warrior Forge to Fort Lewis (Washington) every summer, or so I'm told. Not sure about visiting other countries OTC's.

    This should give you an insight into what you should expect, have been told it's great fun by some of the more senior OCdts, and am planning on going on it myself in the summer (fingers crossed!)

  9. I went to Warrior Forge LDAC two summers ago with Aberdeen and Edinburgh OTCs. It was the first time any Scottish OTCs went there, and since there as been a Scottish group of OCdts every summer to it. The only other OTCs I have known to go are London and Cambridge, possibly Oxford.

    But then again it might now be open to everyone, but on the whole I think trips are ran by each unit (or a group of units) themselves, rather than just a "British group" going. So if your unit isn't seem to be going, badger them to see why not. It could be they don't know about it (most likely), or they haven't got sufficient funds of staffing to make it worthwhile (also possible).
  10. I believe Aberdeen OTC takes the lead in the organisation of the Warrior Forge exchange. It is going ahead this year as I understand. I believe Warrior Forge is the US name for it however. AUOTC refer to it as Exercise Yankee Bore (the bore name comes from the AUOTC emblem, not that fact that someone thinks the exchange is boring) from what I understand.

    I have been out of the loop on this particular matter for several months though so the uptodateness of my info may not be 100%. Hope it helps though.
  11. When I was at Sandhurst(eons ago) we had an exchange with West Point,for 4 weeks.
  12. Much appreciated.
  13. There will be an exchange this summer hosted by Aberdeen UOTC. The name Yankee Boar does indeed come from the unecessary need to add the word boar to every exercise we participate in. The trip serves as an incredibly useful insight into how another force works and gives cadets an opportunity to serve with foreign nations early on in their career. The trip will include (at request from the yanks) some british training and let them know how we do things. The trip is funded with a series of grants from Bde and Div and a personal contribution. The trip almost didnt take place this year and the onus is on cadets to organise it. Hope this helps.