UK Unemployment down,fact or Labour fiction?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. UK media outlets are reporting that British unemployment figures have fallen.

    Oh how very convienient with an election approaching.

    As the recession is still in full swing,I suspect the figures are being massaged,as unemployment usually remains high after a recession ends.

  2. I saw this on sky news earlier, unemployment has gone up by about a million since 2008 and now its dropped by a few thousand, hardly a success story just yet.
  3. Very convenient. Apparently, it's been analysed by some independent body of good repute and found to be flawed because all it reflects is the number of young people remaining in education. The games afoot!
  4. I would comment, but that which I would quote from(1) is embargoed until 0001 Thursday.

    (1) A Public Accounts Committee report.

    See you in the AM.
  5. I suppose the numbers or stats would be correct when your options are

    dole office: pleb we have found you a job take it or you loose your giro

    pleb: but i am fat and lazy and cannot lift anything

    dole office: ok refusal,no giro

    pleb: ok then i will do it :)
  6. Do these figures include....

    those who are not claiming any state benefits?
    those who have savings so cannot claim benefits?
    those who have gone back to live at home with parents?
    those who have took a work experience placement?
    those who have gone back into education at Uni/College?
    those who have left the country to work?


    Nope... didn't think so :evil:
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    a complete fiction - those figures will be made up with a blatant disregard for reality. apparently you're not considered to be 'unemployed' if you're claiming disability, on work placement, or on any of these bullsh1t 'training' courses that are offered to serial doleys.

    I would take them with a grain of salt about the size of a largish boulder.
  8. Does that mean sven has found a job?

    Now that would be a measure of the UK turning from a welfare economy to a working economy. When Labour represents the working class instead of the welfare class, they might be fit to govern again. Countries that genuinely make socialism work understand the importance and value of a working class.
  9. Hear!Hear! More ZanuLabour bullsh1t of the highest(or is it the lowest?) order!
  10. The BBC (Ministry of Propaganda & Misinformation) report that figures of employed are down - by 7500 - down to 2,460,000.

    This will be nothing to do with seasonal workers finding jobs (shops etc) will it?

    The 'Simpering' Yvette Cooper is preening herself over this news and I'm waiting for her diabolically revolting husband - Balls - to start trumpeting that this is a sure sign of Gordon's wise leadership!

    Has anyone else noticed that Ball's voice sounds more and more uncultured and affectedly 'working-class' broadcast by broadcast? He, together with the equally repellent Hain, sum up everything that is wrong with clapped-out, washed-up, clueless, hopeless Labour and its failed administration.
  11. Any evidence that the figures based on the ILO method used the world over (as opposed to the claimant count) has been fiddled or is it just wishful thinking on your part?
  12. My bold above.

    Nothing, nothing whatsoever emanating from this dishonest, disgraced and deceiving administration is to be believed.

    This government has corrupted practically every aspect of our society and reduced most institutions to mere cyphers and mouth-pieces spouting the 'party-line' - shame, shame!
  13. That may be your opinion, but I like to see bullshit before I call 'bullshit'. If you want to bitch, bitch about the increase in the number of part-time employed.
  14. One item on the Radio 4 broadcast I listened to this evening stated that the number of people who are not actively looking for work has risen steeply and are now approaching , I think, 1million. They do not appear on the stats as officially unemployed

    This is a boon to job figure massagers whichever party is in power. ;P