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Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by Aleegee1698, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Thought this might interest all who are abroad and miss UK TV:

    Finally found a way of watching UK & US TV whilst abroad, for a minimal outlay of €6,60 a month. All UK TV websites will detect your IP address as being outside of the UK, and therefore will not allow viewing. I thought about a second sat-dish but couldnt be arsed with all that. On Internet Privacy and Identity Protection by!, you are allocated an IP address within the UK, or anywhere you want, therefore, you can enjoy everything on BBC Iplayer, ITV, Youtube etc etc. I shall now connect a laptop permanently to my TV, no more German shoite for me!
  2. Or you could try googling


    Buy a web enabled games console such as a PS3, plug it in your tv and off you go.
  3. Or you could do it here for free.

    Free UK TV Online
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  4. What about an Xbox 360?
  5. Im not sure the xbox 360 has a web browser, which I think is required.
    Im probably wrong though
  6. No I think you'll need a PS3 mate. I've got an xbox too and there's no way I can see it work. But then again I am a raving technophobe.
  7. If you have a decent Internet connection down load "expat shield"
    It's free. Changes you ip address to a uk one. Then just watch itvplayer or BBC online etc.
  8. lot of the lads out here in the sand shield their ip address to use iplayers etc. will ask what they use.
  9. I love this quote
    They seem to forget that some bloke easily hacked into the US military system, so its not really a good advertising point.
  10. I notice that although expat shield gives you an IP address, the company running it is US, and the US has a policy of checking internet traffic, so I wonder just how private they keep things, particularly as the service is free.
  11. ProXPN is the one used out here, costs around 25 notes for the year.
  12. I use in the middle east costs about 30 quid a quarter but very reliable and when i have needed the customer service they have been spot on
  13. I'm on myexpatnetwork which works like a dream. In fact I got the recommendation from Arrse. Thanks.
  14. You could be right cabana but their not gonna learn a lot from my wife watching eastenders and I'm bang out of national secrets.