UK troops to get new body armour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Is this the PECOC body armour and helmet ?

    Is 10,000 enough ?
  3. Only been issued to infantry, medics, engineers who who spend the majority of the time outside the wire.
    The rest are staying with the old style lid and body armour.
  4. stil not listened to people about the velcro i see and lack of buckles to keep it secure - that random bit of material that, at first looks as though it's going through twin buckle , does nothing more than fold back on itself - what's the point?? Granted not used it yet, but i thought they were sorting out the issue with the rear of the helmet as well as the current one makes it nigh on impossible to shoot prone???
  5. Its to stop a blast seperating the body armour.
  6. [marq=down]

    i'm sure it is, but my point is, is that i'ts not actually fastened to anything (unless i missed it in the video), it just appears to loop back round and velco shut - i would have at least htought they would make it into a buckle like you have on the P lid or motorcylce helmets (don't know the proper name).
  7. Hm
    Wonder how much Blackhawk charged for that?
  8. from what I can see, those are to help keep the sides of the front panel down.
    most of the securing of the vest appears to be using the lower velcro panel, with the panel over the top mainly providing pouch space.
    because their not under that much stress, velcro is all that is needed, and it keeps everything a bit slimmer, and so more comfortable to wear.
  9. it doesn't take much sand + sweat and constant rubbing around for velcro to become useless - look at the current osprey!, However proof is in the pudding as they say....
  10. It is fastened to the back section of the armour then loops through the front.
  11. Agree with Spaz
    The side panels look to be attached to the PALS on the back (For adjustment) then around to the front for the velcro and SRB fixings.
    NotE that this is nothing like the PECOC we've seen before. Even the pouches appear US!
  12. think i need to watch the video again then..!
  13. I can't get over this. It looks like a very high quality bit of gear. No trace of CQC poor quality. No trace of CQC shite MOLLE pouches. Where are the cheap and nasty black side release buckles? The lousy binding and loose hairy polyester thread that's the wrong colour?
    Nothing like the armour on the PECOC thread!
  14. looks like a great improvement on the current stuff. the velcro on mine useless by the end of my tour if i wasn't wearing webbing over the top it would become loose. helmet looks similar to ones which we had a few of while out there, different strap with the cut out for sights etc.

    Its a shame they couldn't get it right earlier! nearly all the new kit is on UORs
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    BFBS radio interviewed a Booty who'd just came back from the Stan & he seemed impressed with it.
    Lets face it,if it does the job better & saves more live's then get it issued! I just hope it does'nt lie in some grubby RQ's stores or become the fiasco like last time.