UK troops to get dedicated ward

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Cut and paste please chalky - BBC is banned here
  2. Injured British troops will be treated on a new military-managed ward at an NHS hospital, Tony Blair has revealed.
    Writing in the News of the World, Mr Blair said the new ward would be based at Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital.

    He ruled out reopening military hospitals because they cannot "match NHS specialised care and treatment".

    The treatment of injured soldiers on civilian wards sparked a political row after reports that a soldier at Selly Oak was threatened by a Muslim visitor.

    At the time, the Ministry of Defence said it could not find any record of the incident but the News of the World launched an "Abandoned Heroes" campaign for a dedicated top-level military hospital.

    And shadow defence secretary Liam Fox joined the row, saying it was a "disgrace" that wounded soldiers were treated alongside civilian patients.

    'Everyday expertise'

    Twelve armed forces personnel are currently at Selly Oak and Queen Elizabeth hospitals, Mr Blair said.

    The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine also operates from the hospitals.

    He wrote in the Sunday newspaper: "Above all, they [members of the armed forces] need first class medical care with specialist doctors and nurses."

    However, the Prime Minister acknowledged that injured personnel may feel "more at home if they can recuperate from their operations with their comrades".

    He said that the overall numbers of military nurses at the hospital had already been increased but stressed that doctors could not improve their skills if they were "only treating a handful of military patients a month" with specialist injuries.

    He said that was the reason he could not back the ultimate aim of the paper's campaign - to have military hospitals.

    "No matter how dedicated the staff, no such hospital could now provide the specialised care and treatment our wounded staff are getting within the NHS.

    "Burns, brain injuries and complicated fractures are all different specialisms requiring medical teams who deal with these conditions every day."

    There you go Jihad
  3. Gents I have been out since 1990.
    In my day there where military Hospitals and I had to go to Catterick, chuffer driven from my home to there, for clearance during my last month on duty.
    I find this matter of treatment of soldiers injured in combat disgraceful.
    The statements that have appeared on the board, that post discharge from Hospital they go in to the normal nation health system leaves me fumming.
    I must now ask another question
    Do troops reporting sick, Sick Parade, see a forces doctor or do they request an appointment down town ?
    I pay out of my pocket for any medical treatment I receive here, I can visit a hospital any time in a 24 hr period.
    The private clinic I use if MY doctor is not happy or openly doesn't know he recommends a specialist there and then. Apointments are normally within the hour and of the two operations I have had we agreed on mutually convieniant time. I could have had immediate if I wanted to pay the extra.
  4. Having worked in the old Military style hospitals and the MDHU's, this will not resolve the problem! What will end up happening is you will get a ward run by Military staff (It's happened before in MDHU's), however as soon as there is a bed crisis within the hospital and the bed mangement team see that there empty beds on that particular ward they will put civilian patients into them. Then the beds will be full a soldier needs a bed and he/ she will end up on a civilian ward!

  5. The security requirement should cover this. Mil staff to insist upon full check of any civilian to make sure no possible threat. Even Ban the Hunt demonstraters have been known to get violent to attract publicity
  6. I suffered a fractured wrist and sun stroke both of which were delt with quickerly and professionally in house. I feel it's an utter disgrce that badly injured servicemen & women are dumped on normal wards for angry muslims to abuse.

    * I left in 1992. I have heard about many of the cut backs since then & I continue to be shocked at the poor treatment of service personal...very sad to see how little they think of those who protect this countrys freedom (sadly we have less freedoms than ever left to protect, B'lair has seen to that).

    In my view the B'lair government offers are too little too late... it should have never got to this. Either B'lair government want a military of our own & are willing to support it fully or they are not!

    If they do not support our own armed forces they must go "cap in hand" to the Americans & get their army to defend this country and fully become the 51st state of America.
  7. I share Sluice_Dwellers scepticism. Remember also that the original military-managed ward at RCDM ended because it could not be sustained due to the pace of deployments taking the staff.

    I do not believe the government's figure of only 12 patients being treated at RCDM, and suspect that some spin or careful definitions are in use.

    And what of all the patients being treated in MDHUs? Should they also not have the opportunity to be treated in military wards, particularly those having elective procedures?
  8. Also I see no time frame is given for this to happen
  9. See the "Labour Betray Our Soldiers" thread.

    There needs to be seperate military establishments paid for out of the defence budget. These perhaps shouuld be co-located with NHS units with some negotiated sharing of resources. There should also be messing and family and service support facilites on the same site. All this needs to be behind the wire.

    This will cost money, so it will never happen. I imagine a military nursing post may be established, or something along those lines, but nothing else.

    These lies need to be exposed.