UK troops return Basra to Iraqis

I agree with the sentiment. However i had a good point put to me the other day.

What would you do differently.

We can't throw more numbers at it because we don't have them. So do we just let our lads keep dying on the streets of that sh1t hole or let their lads die instead?
I agree Bad Crow. I don't give 2 flying fcuks about the Iraqis to be honest. Much rather our lads stay alive. If that means pulling out of a situation that is going nowhere fast then so be it.
forget Basra, hand over the complete shit hole, before April would be good for me.

No win situation time to GTF.
Our lads (and lasses) are not wanted, our help is not wanted, despite our efforts. Time to get the fcuk out and leave them to it before we lose anymore.
Theres only so long you can try and help a country that will never accept any sort of assistance.

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