UK troops out of Iraq soon if no immunity deal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 6, 2008.

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  3. Whats that? Some common sense in our government? Whatever next?!
  4. Am I the only one here who has no idea what he means by "Copper Bottomed"?

    Maybe Baghdad isn't signing the agreement because they think the UK justice system is too soft..... Still at least our soldiers would have a fair trial in the UK
  5. Modern education? Pah!



    Genuine - something that can be relied on.


    It is unusual for an idiomatic phrase to have such a literal derivation as this. 'Copper-bottomed' originally described ships that were fitted with copper plating on the bottom of their hulls. The process was first used on ships of the British Navy in 1761 to defend them against wood-boring insects and to reduce infestations by barnacles.

    On 18th August 1780, The Edinburgh Advertiser published an extract of a letter from a Falmouth sailor to his father:

    "My dear Father, We sailed from Spithead, on Monday 7th, and on Thursday 10th, fell in with the Nymph, one of the proudest frigates of France, copper-bottom, and on the look-out."

    It wasn't long before the phrase began to be used figuratively, to refer to anything that was reliable and trustworthy. Washington Irving, in his work Salmagundi, 1807, included this line:

    "The copper-bottomed angel at Messrs. Paff's in Broadway."
  6. So what gives a politician the bare faced gall to go and use a term like "copper bottom" whith anything they do in their jobs....

    I, in my modern educated ways still think HMG are after any excuse to get our troops out of Iraq, either to free up numbers for Afghan or to free up much needed money.... Or in my own cynical view a combination of the above..... Its got sweet FA to do with HMG wanting to protect our soldiers
  7. You may be right but if there is even the remotest possibility that our troops could face prosecution for lethal force used in defence then they should be pulled out. Furthermore I don't like the self-defence tag, does that mean that if the soldier mistakenly believes that someone is armed or a suicide bomber and takes them out that he could still be prosecuted by the Iraqis?
    Look how many times in NI the dead armed terrorist is suddenly surrounded by 'rioting' women and children and lo and behold after they have been cleared away all evidence of weapon or gunfire is completely removed from the 'poor innocent bystander' who was a pillar of his community and a gentle 'man of God'.
  8. It's an old Naval reference - Wooden Ships that had copper bottoms lasted better than those without and were therefore more dependable!
  9. I made the comment when Hutton first came into post, that he had the look of a "killing gentleman".

    I actually believe Hutton will happily tell the Iraqis to ram it , and hard , and mean it.

    He will also be very clear in ensuring Army, and the World media are fully aware the situation has been made untenable by the Iraqi Government's petty point scoring.

    I actually believe he is the sort of individual capable of communicating "Fcuk off, strong letter follows" in no uncertain terms.

    Good. Get our people out if they won't sign , gut BAS down to bare bones, and stop any aid we give to Iraq. Job jobbed :D
  10. BBC News channel/online, were quoting Pa Broon as not ruling out a straight re-deployment of current Iraqi based British troops and equipment straight to Afghanistan. I can't remember exact details but I seem to recall a figure of 2000 troops quoted and his thick-headed belief that the public wouldn't mind/care!

    Fecking unbelievable, he must have a bloody good set of comedy script writers supporting him.
  11. Law is never clear-cut. Intent and belief certainly come into it. Look at how many armed response coppers have got off after turning an unarmed civilian into a 9mm-holed colander. Even if prosecuted, I think Iraq would see enough sense to make sure any trial was a whitewash.
  12. Errr... he hasn't got a hope in hell passing it past Brooooon and now his bud Mandelson and the rest of the lean left.
    Nice butch statement but meaningless.

  13. It isn't clear cut, and never will be. I've just sat throght the 'new' MATT 7 Operational Law package and although some of it is sh1te, there is some good stuff in there.