UK troops on standby over Kosovo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. We're going to be right in it if that kicks off again - is there any strategic reserve left?
  2. Reserve? RESERVE? We havn't enough for the fights we are already in.
  3. 600 Welsh Guards?! I'm fcuking amazed we have that many soldiers left! 8O

    All we need now is for NI to kick off again and for the Iranians/Isralies/Septics to start chucking buckets of instant sunshine at each other. :roll:

    What's the old Chinese curse? "May you live in Interesting Times..." :twisted:
  4. indeed with the only strategic reserve that liabour have left us, after salami slicing to the bone!

    Is a half built bicycle 'under some procurement PFI contract or other' two fast track recruits and a broom handle. note the broom handle will be supplied using JIT procurement so ensure that it was indented for 3 month ago!!

    so nothing to fear really :x

    edited for emperor mong spellings
  5. Look on the bright side, lads; I'm SURE Pakistan will calm down after the elections next week! :twisted:
  6. I'm pretty new on the subject of politics in the Balkans and what we done in Bosnia so i can quite safely say I know sweet FA on the subject. I'm just wondering what would be the British Army's role in Kosovo if we were to be deployed?

  7. I'll look out for the Brown Envelope in the mail... :roll:
  8. I'd like to know where all the protective equipment to keep our lads safe in Kosova will be coming from.Do we have DPM Osprey armour in anything other than Desert? 8) To many of our lads have been killed through lack of decent body armour{& i don't call Osprey decent but it gives more coverage to vital areas}
  9. Oh well, at least I've got some decent gear and weaponry to bring along. Really must get back on the Phys.

    Can we take your all terrain passion wagon? Might as well have a comfy billet when we get there!
  10. I can bring some Lee Enfields and a few thousand rounds- at least we won't have to worry about MoD failing to supply weapons and ammunition.
  11. Flat cap would be a bad idea - wouldn't want to get mistaken for Francs Tireurs. We can drop in at Silvermans in Mile End on the way for any other kit. What regiment will we be?
  12. Do I need to get my 58 pattern out of my green kit bag, I have some blanco left, should anybody wish to borrow it, Ive got me button stick out and looking for me puttees, failing that Ill get my old mans gaters ready.
  13. This is a marvellous conversation.

    Please don’t stop !
  14. Charging wheelchair as we speak , count me in...
    I can muster an Ex para ,Ex Cheshire and an ACC .

  15. Bloody hell - I hadn't been expecting a mechanised element to the force!
    Glad to have you join us. With the ACC along we'll be better fed than the regulars!