UK Troops numbers to surge with US.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SmithsRail, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Couldn't find this post anywhere else..

  2. Wasn’t the Iraqi surge a euphemism for handing over wads of cash in brown paper bags?
  3. Yikes.


    No prospect of the lads coming back from Iraq getting any more than the bare minimum of rest then.
  4. they wont IMHO

    both my Reg and TA mates seem to be leaving in droves. (Too much sunshine will do that to a man)
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    "Squad! As you were............ squad!"
    "Prepare to surge.......SURGE!"
  6. Is "Surge" an approved drill movement then? :D
    EDIT: Cos "Sarge" definitely isn't! :D
  7. Well to be fair was this really a surprise to anybody??
  8. Doesn't this just happen to coincide with the withdrawal of blokes from Iraq...?

    Prime minister...I am losing public support how can I get it back?

    Cabinet.. Say you will cut troop levels in Iraq that will get them back on side..

    Defence secretary...But what about all the MoD sites we have sold off over the last 10 years...where will we put them???

    Prime minister.. Bugger you have a point...

    Defence secretary..Don't worry sir I have a cunning plan!! We can jiggle them about a bit and re-deploy them to Afghanistan,

  9. I was led to beleive that the huge surge of american troops in Iraq a while back was hugely beneficial?

    The problem with Afgan is that it has a completely different geography, you can't just rush it because it's just fields!
  10. We could surge about 25000 useless civil service clowns out there as minfield clearers - immediately. Save a packet on pensions and minimise claims against the MOD for 'sprained typing foot' or injuries caused by 'non-regulation heavy paperclips'.
  11. What has my old Army come too ?
    Cut and slashed so much that it cannot provided 3,000 troops.
    Do the Political scum who run this Green and Pleasant land not have any idea on just what is required to fund their runaway mouths.
    And more and more I do believe Dave has lost the next election and granted Cyclops and his gang, five more years to ruin UK.
  12. Thanks for that; I was'nt feeling depressed enough. :roll: :roll:

    As to a "Surge" - do we have the troops available for anything beyond a token gesture?

    You can just imagine the poor buggers coming home from Iraq:

    "Right lads. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, you all get a weeks leave after you're tour in Iraq. The bad news..." :twisted:
  13. Just a civvy here but...what troops do we actually have to send? As far as I understand it through government cuts, issues with retention and recruitment the army is stretched thinner than V. Beckham's skin over her cheekbones...

    And I see the politicians are still pandering to whoever sits in the whitehouse...hopefully the new POTUS will focus on using his own troops to solve problems the US creates instead of dragging every other nation into that hell hole.

    Reading that quote...whose national security depends on Afghanistan becoming a democracy? Us or the Afghani's?