UK troops in POW abuse

I agree whoever is responsible should be hung up by their ba11s. Not the way British soldiers should be conducting their duties.

There are however other issues. For a start, why can't the arab press keep things in context? One or two idiots don't call for the headlines and accusations that they make (See the BBC web site for details... I mean, you think there would have been any less maltreatment under Saddam? A damn sight more and a damn sight worse I'd guess.

Not good news and appauling conduct on the part of a few yes. But us deliberatly doing it to humiliate the whole of the Arab and Muslim world? I think that's taking it a little too far.
I hear what your saying Planet Pilot. Saddass kills 1000s of his people with methods best used in medieval times, and the raghead countries don't say boo. A VERY small collection of US and UK soldiers do this, and they are up in arms.

Some people want to be saved and are grateful for intervention. I'm slightly lost that these people would welcome Saddass back with open arms, and put up with his atrocities. Fcuk em. Let the Iraqis have their country and leader back. They like been dominated and massacred. Lost cause.

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