UK troops in Iraq afraid to open fire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. In other news, no foreign prisoners were released without being deported, Patricia Hewitt received a warm welcome at the RCN Conference, and John Prescott did not have an affair...
  3. I've had loads of judjemental training on the DCCT and on optag. They put a lot of emphasis on 'You wont get into trouble if you open fire', if of course you cab justify yourself, which isn't that hard at all.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Right up to the point were we Court Martial them!

    "We didnt receive any messages and Capt Blackadder definately did not shot this delicious plump breasted pidgeon."
  5. Well it was common thought among the unit I went out with if we did open fire we would be screwed afterwards.I think this is one of the deep seated myths of the army now .And short of the oc bringing an iraq and shooting him in front of the blokes I doubt youre going
    to kill it.
  6. "An MoD spokesman said: "Soldiers have nothing to fear from the investigation of incidents, so long as they act within their rules of engagement. The Armed Forces can also be certain that they will always receive the full support of the chain of command."

    Spoken like a true civil servant who has ventured no further East than Tower Hill.
  7. Shoot an Iraq? With the current MATT training standard of shooting and you are unlikley to kill him either, Leg or arm wound at 5 feet is a possible! :twisted:
  8. Hehe I was just going to use that
  9. I woodnt be afrade to go to irak.
    The army tought me to reed, so wood have to go if my officer says so.
  10. Yeah thats the right opinion there, totally agree with you geordie bleerkrk. I commend you on your excellent army issue spelling and grammar as you just said
  11. I remember when we first arrived in Pristina and the Serbian Army and Police force was still there. A loony Serb copper came running out of the police station firing his pistol wildly. The only bloke to slot the throbber was a young tom who had never been to NI. Everybody else was too busy wondering if they were within their rights to open fire! Not only do you have to worry about whether you're going to go 'down' for your actions but those few seconds wondering if you're within your rights to open fire or not could also be your last as the fcuker firing at you won't be thinking of future consequences!
  12. Was that the Para lad who (ignoring the ROE ) shouted "Drop the gat or I'll fcukin' drill ya!" (or words to that effect) thus changing British legal history?

    If so, I was working around the RCJ, could have gotten into the trial no dramas, but couldn't for the ife of me find out which court it was being held in.

    In other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.

    I'm already covered in blodd (cause I fell over), who wants a fight.
  13. There was something of a spate of American courts-martial going on when my mob were over there, we were extremely reluctant to take certain actions as well, for fear of being hoisted on the petard of 'Look! We're being honest enough to try our own people'

  14. It's going to lead to a lot of lives being lost in that second or two that it takes to decide if it's a justified shooting or not. Are we going to get to the stage where each multiple is going to have it's own leagle officer out on patrol with them to say when they can open up?