UK troops in blood disease checks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by misterp, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. But they should be checked in case they have been given a dodgy batch. Also be aware of weasel words such as...

    I could have died when I crossed the road this morning but I didn't!
  2. Any other comments?

    I had a friend who died some years ago as a result of contaminated blood transfusion of US origin. I am sure other friends have had their lives saved by transfusions.
  3. i was under the impression that things were screened to check for things like this!

    this is the sort of thing people should loose jobs over!
  4. I have always believed that troops should be bloodtested anyway, particularly in the environment in which deployments are commonplace now. I've also believed that donations of blood should be made by troops while out of theatre to keep the bloodbanks stocked.
  5. Having lived in the UK, I'm banned from giving blood here in Canada for life. After our big tainted blood scandal, anyone whoever ate a cornish pastie or other UK born meat, is assumed to be a carrier of mad cow...hubby has a great many chuckles with that, so I've heard it all.

    Hope for your sakes your blood supply is safe.
  6. For once I agree with the MOD. When a transfusion is needed, it is needed. Then is not the time to be fannying around wondering about the source of the blood and whether it's clean or not.

    If there is contaminated blood in the US supply chain, then it is a problem for the US to sort out.

    Incidentally, I am prevented from giving blood in the US because I've spent too long in Europe. Who's contaminated now?
  7. Some while back I had to have 24 units, during a 11 hour period of emergency surgery, if I hadn't had the transfusion I would be dead :( .

    My wife and I were talking about this very thing a week ago, I'll say the same thing I said to her when she asked if I ever worried about the blood being contaminated, I'm alive and my 3 children have a father, good enough for me. :D
  8. The only comment I can make is that during my time in the army I was told by a doctor that the Policy was if blood was need to keep a casualty alive then in an emergency the Transfusion was given and the problems where treated after.
  9. Recorded balanced interview for 5 Live. Plane to catch. We'll update on BAFF website late tonight.
  10. GMTV this morning, reported that troops were tested before deployed, but may have become infected afterwards.
  11. Just heard the man hackle himself on Five Live. Good interview - nice and balanced. From the sounds of it the risks are small - Pentagon is reporting that the US donors have tested clean since the transfusions, so it does appear that our lads are unlikely to have caught anything.
  12. Troops are waiting in fear The Sun Front Page 10 Jan 08.

    According to the article they most certainly would have died had they not had the transfusuions. We shouldn't get too sniffy about the "US" blood, but more concerned that we cannot provide enough "British" blood.

    NB. The use of "US" and "British" is a reference to the differing national standards of screening - not an extreme right wing view on the donor.
  13. I seem to remember a story a few years back where haemophiliacs were in danger due to the lack of proper screening of Factor 8 (clotting agent) made from blood of US citizens.