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When will the Lessons Learnt report be out? And will it be available to the public in any form?
nothing new there its been the same on every deployment the army has gone on. A mixture of penny pinching and incompetence.

but will ministers, civil servants and senior officers be held to account.....probably not


The Ministry of Defence is blamed for failing to supply body armour and nuclear, biological and chemical suits as well as desert uniforms.
Is Hoon handing his bedding in as we speak? I doubt it very much. It's nice to see how he weathered the WMD scare!
I got my body armour and NBC suit (though sadly no canister) at Chilwell. True they were size small and I am somewhat generously proportioned, but at least I got something.

I just hope no one looks at the Chilwell issues register when deciding on what sizes to order for the next little excitement.
Well I got my CBA (less balistic plates) issued in Kuwait, the plates were issued after being in Iraq for over a week and a single set of desert combats were issued to me after the war was over..... If I hadn't sent a bluey to Silverman's (Not really legal as it's commercial post) to order a floppy hat, I would have been wearing my helmet or beret for the duration of my time out there.

And, my biggest complaint? I couldn't get my respirator glasses fitted in my S10 for the duration either!

I don't really mind getting sent to do a job, even if it does mean a bit of risk, but if the Govt do send me there you'd have though it's just a minimum requirement..... the right kit to do the job?
i had no CBA till two months after I mover to UM QASAR. My deserts were scrounged for me by an RAF corporal. I was never issued and medical countermeasures cept the NAPS i brought from UK. Had No Morphine, Atropine or Ciproxin. No weapon or ammo. I bought my green dpm floppy hat and desert boots.
This is a truly aweful state of affairs that just keeps on happening. The entire MOD has been decimated by the penny pinchers over the years but it only becomes public knowledge when the media get hold of the story during a major operation. We in the forces have had to put up with these deficiencies for years in the name of streamlining and restructuring. Will it take huge numbers of British troops in bodybags for the financial idiots (who never get their feet dirty let alone go to a war zone) to realise that they are condemning us to an early grave just so their budget books look good.

Maybe the Whitehall financiers should be taken on a junket to Tikrit with their military escorts not having body armour, combats, ammo etc and see how secure they feel....bless 'em.
the MOD hasn't been decimated the civil service side is increasing whilst the military side is shrinking. Soon we should be the best administered armed forces in the world for the amount of administrative staff the mod employ.....oh sorry those are british civil servants
Hoon deserves to be shot at dawn. Remember, this is the man who back on May 14th said to parliament "I am still waiting for apologies from either individual journalists or their editors for criticism of the MOD's supply chain"! Well I'm still waiting for apologies from Tony Blair for appointing this lying cretin!
Would it be to much to ask for all this kit that is stored away for conflicts to be issued to an individual on his 1157 that way not only does this save money (the fact that nobody has to pay for the storage) and also if an individual loses a peice of kit he could be billed by a member of the QM's also then it would put an end to all the moaning i havent got the kit etc and save all the bad press or is that far to much foward thinking for whitehall massive :lol:
Hello there chaps - long time listener, first time caller.

As a Blue Job Loggy I am constantly dismayed by the sh!t you Brown Jobs have to endure. Our guys were hampered by the lack of kit, but you lot really had the worst of it. The (largely Army) practice of buying your own decent kit is getting worse - I'm seeing RAF techies going & buying their own stuff now!
I really wanted to say this - friend of mine on a Staff Course returned - told me that 'Lessons Learned' were now 'Lessons Identified'. So we can identify the F**kups but not learn from them! Hmmmm - Falklands, Gulf 1, EX SSII, Gulf 2 etc.
ooooohhh couldn't do that stores are for storing things in.

couldn't let soldiers have kit they actually need it would put silvermans out of buisness

....And that lying ba$tard,Hoon,is still saying that there was no problem, and that everyone had all the kit they needed. What planet is he from, and when's he going back?

I doubt hoon rates an armed bodyguard :twisted: suggest a good old beating to reinforce lessons learned :lol:
if he does by some reason can probabaly be relied on to help give him a kneecapping :twisted:
Welcome aboard C_Hinecap. (Blimey, another P*ru*er??)

You'll find there are already some Blue Jobs here, of all shapes and sizes, including some who like to take a daily read, and then p*ss off back to the other means, to whine and b*tch. Bless 'em. More whine with yer sour grapes Grandpa? But the vast majority seem to be good eggs (For crabs)

Join in as you see fit , and of course, be ready for the banter :)

Enjoy :wink:


Gilbert and Sullivan must have had amazing foresight when they wrote these lines (from HMS Pinafore); they must be about Hoon:

'I thought so little they rewarded me
By making me the ruler of the Queen's Navy'

Still, we have the Hutton report to look forward to - the cnut may yet have to resign.
I couldn't possibly comment ViroBono

But the last SDR springs to mind 8O

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