UK troops denied right to wear Nato campaign medal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. This is a report I've posted in full in the 'Afghan fighting' thread. I thought it should get as wide an audience as possible...

    The Herald
    UK troops denied right to wear Nato campaign medal
    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent
    June 04 2007

    The Ministry of Defence is to deny British soldiers who have fought in Afghanistan since 2001 the right to wear a Nato campaign medal.
  2. Daft question, but is there a sphere of eligibility wherin a troop is eligible for the NATO medal but not the UK medal, or vice versa? For example, the article references a need for presence for 30 days to be eligible for the UK award. If the NATO award is less stringent, for example, it would seem reasonable to be permitted to wear it, thus indicating to the observer that the troop was in theatre, but not for long. If there is no difference in eligibility, then what's the point in two?

  3. And your point is?

    Discussed here...

    ... and here

    ... what I mean is what else could be added to this interminably dull old news subject that hasn't been added already, and answered?
  4. One Op = One medal. It's worked for donkey's years, and it stops us looking like Septics...
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  5. Very succint Legs. And before that hoary chestnut comes around again. UN and NATO medals were awarded for people serving in Bosnia on two different ops under two different commands during one tour... and no British medal existed. The OSM Afghanistan existed before ISAF.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As opposed to under the tories where we had one career, one medal!
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  7. Actually the rule one op, one medal can be overturned by the precedent set in Korea. Troops serving there, under UN command but in UK formations got both the UK Korea Medal and the UN Korea Medal. Luckily the ribbons didn't clash!!
  8. Ah, a prime example of the exception that proves the rule!
  9. Fcuk the MoD. If you earned them, wear them. They've banned the NATO medal, because they were ashamed that NATO can issue the medals quicker than we can. Probably.
  10. CT - the qualifying criteria regarding both are pretty much the same. There are some moaning whingers who seem to think they should get a chestful of medals just for doing one tour. It's getting reeeaaaallllyyy old now.

    Those of you who want to wear the NATO gong - return your OSM to the Medal Office and feel free.......
  11. gennithmedic - Serving personnel CAN NOT wear the NATO ISAF medal; nor should they. As to speed of issue, my OSM took almost two weeks longer to get than my ISAF.
  12. This is the same useless Defence Correspondant who slatted the military for Boarding School Allowance a few months back.

    Take everything he says with a pinch of salt.
  13. Hmm, can't the Mods allocate these people some kind of identifying tag - similar to the Oxygen Thief one so we can recognise them as the idle trolls they are?
  14. In answer to "Leg's One Op - One Medal" - Afghanistan Medal and ACSM II seem to indicate otherwise, also GSM 63 with Clasp "Northern Ireland, and ACSM11 (but only for those leaving after 1 Jan 08)".
  15. I'm sure he got his answer after nearly 7 years...

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