UK Troops Bound by Human Rights Law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. MOD_Oracle

    MOD_Oracle Old-Salt

  2. biffa

    biffa Old-Salt

    what is torture it subjective all theartres or even in civvy street when you carry out an arrest it is carried out aggresively if the perpetrator is deemed dangerous ..point being to stun and overwhelm your opponent in order to control concerned that these lawyers wil take "rough handling" of prisoners as torture
  3. countdokku

    countdokku Old-Salt

    Like I always say: the only way to a just society is over the bullet-ridden bodies of the lawyers, judges and politicians.
  4. Mr_McKay

    Mr_McKay Old-Salt

    countdokku - Throw in journalists and you've got my vote!
  5. What about boxheads in Afghanistan who play David Hasselhoff at full blast with natives around? Would they be liable?
  6. countdokku

    countdokku Old-Salt

    God, how could I forget journos?!
    My bad - of COURSE they'll be shot. And bayoneted. And Burned with WP. And...sorry, got carried away.
  7. woody

    woody LE

    There is thumping someone when you arrest them . And then there is beating them badly just because you can back at the nick which is what the allegation is which is out of order .
    Though is now subject to a trial is it not ?
  8. The enemy is within our gates.... I can't wait to seize power and start the purges of Lawyers, journalists and reality TV show contestants....
  9. anyone playing David Hasslehoff at any volume should be prosecuted, regardless of who is around. (unless its to torture Lawyers)
  10. Do you favour 're-education' or just filling a large pit with the writhing pleading scum before applying the sulphuric acid. Layer by layer?
  11. GP3_Bunny

    GP3_Bunny War Hero

    Drill and fill them - :) Marathon Man comes to mind
  12. I have a plan to tattoo "Fig 11" on their foreheads and use them as part of the APWT, targets WILL fall when hit! It would drastically improve marksmanship skills, improve morale and just think of the savings to the taxpayer on range paste and paper...
  13. Jammy66

    Jammy66 Old-Salt

    only a problem if you get caught/reported tho innit?
  14. Jammy we could call it prevention of terrorism. Just think what a wonderful place the world would be without Human Rights Lawyers? It's strange how they are always strangely silent when Troops are being hounded into court though.....