UK troops attacked in Basra

From Reuters...

Violence also erupted in the impoverished Shi'ite neighborhood of Sadr City in Baghdad on Wednesday as thousands of people protested after a U.S. helicopter tried to remove the banner of a religious school from a communications tower.

Locals said U.S. soldiers fired into the crowd during the protest, wounding at least four people. A letter of apology from a U.S. commander was later distributed in the district.

"We deeply regret what has happened today. What occurred was a mistake and was not directed against the people of Sadr City," said the letter from Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Hoffman of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

"I am personally investigating this incident and will punish those responsible. We offer to treat the four wounded citizens at Coalition medical facilities."

But a local sheikh said the apology was not enough, and that locals wanted U.S. troops to leave the district.

"An investigation must be held," Qais Hadi Khazali told Reuters. "We cannot control the situation. It is very tense."

Many Iraqi Shi'ites welcomed the fall of Saddam, a Sunni Muslim who brutally repressed a Shi'ite uprising after the 1991 Gulf War. But many religious leaders of Iraq's Shi'ite majority have also spoken out against the U.S. occupation.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera said on Wednesday it had received a handwritten note, purportedly from Saddam, urging Shi'ite clerics to order a holy war to drive U.S. soldiers from Iraq.

"This would unify the whole Iraqi people against the occupation," the note said.

Mr Happy

I saw this on the news yesterday, Friend started wittering on about the damned US trying to ban free speech in new Iraq etc and I pointed out that actually it was probably just SSgt Cleetus from South Carolina trying to get a momento from his tour.

They really do let themselves down sometimes (not as badly as our RMP's of course but)...

British troops are presiding over an uneasy calm in the northern Iraqi city of Basra.

There is anger and frustration at the lack of power and water amid searing temperatures of 50C and above.

The rioting of previous days is now under control but Major Gary Dekin from the Second Company Kings Regiment, admitted it is an ever-shifting struggle.

"It's a bit like being in a rugby game here," he said.

"We think we're a strong team, sometimes we're doing well but we don't always have the ball. Over the weekend we lost the ball for a while and it was pretty touch and go but we have got things under control now."

We could always deploy Water cannon? Lot more humane than baton rounds , and the locals would be grateful for the soaking

"Imshallah Achmed, I need a shower, let's kick it off outside the Infidel barracks"

Keep safe all

Is he an ex-Officer?

Mr Happy

I remember when CNN shifted Switzerland into Germany on their map of Europe.... And then the media complains when a TLAM crashes into a hospital I ask you...

British troops 'killed in Basra'

The Ministry of Defence is investigating an incident involving British troops in southern Iraq, it has confirmed.
Kuwait's state news agency Kuna said two British soldiers had been killed and two others wounded when gunmen fired rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) at their convoy on the outskirts of Basra.

An MoD spokeswoman could not confirm any deaths or injuries.

British military officials in Basra confirmed there had been some injuries, but could not confirm any deaths.

In an unrelated incident, the MoD confirmed a British soldier had been found dead in bed on Wednesday night

Dreadful news

Let's hope it's just misreporting from KUNA

I can't get any more information, as the MOD servers appear to be down AGAIN

Tensions have been rising in the southern Iraqi city
One British soldier has been killed and two others injured in an explosives attack in southern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
It is understood the soldiers were caught in the blast of a remote-controlled device which was hidden next to a lamppost.

It exploded as the soldiers, travelling in a clearly-marked military ambulance, passed it by.

The conditions of the two injured men are not thought to be life-threatening.

Targetting an ambulance is obscene. But remote-controlled detonation?

Who the hell is doing this?


what the fcuk the shiites muslim want ?!? aren't they happy enough ? maybe they would like to live under saddam again an iraqi version of "Ostalgie" ?, as for the rest they don't seem too grateful either, maybe we can threaten to pull out UK/US troops and let anarchy rule ok :twisted: destroy the oil facilities so it cannot be used again for terrorist purpose and seal the countrys border with kuwait who seem happy enough with us .

Mr Happy

Don't be put off by the actions of a few (easy to say but NI experience should remind you that most people are fine and decent either led by some ******* or misdirected).

The press reporting here may have something to blame, I've a very nice phot of a friend standing by the fire station [looted] in Basra with the firemen working together and they're all happy friendly.

Is this the time I rant about idle hands and mischief (like Palestine)?

Or the time I rant about press reporting and misreporting?

Remember, all journalists are wet-failed socio economic students without a clue how the real world works. Trust me, we've been written about and read the newspapers for years, they're cnuts.

If they were any good they'd be writing in the Economist or doing something about running the country, no wheedling in with little ideas of their on the back of some news or some sort.

I could go on, so I will...

If they were impartial reporters they'd all say the same stuff, report the same quotes and show the same pictures (e.g. the best and most impartial available of all things). In fact they all report different versions that's because the reporters, editors or owners want a slant for either ratings or to influence. Look at it from their POV, your jouno wants a bonus and recognition (see Maslows Theory on the www) so, they're working either to their own agenda or their bosses. Very few of them are actually any good, Simpson is one and though there are differing opinions Adie, though some blame her solely for bringing NATO into conflict with Serbia I think she's alright.

So it was the press then.
PartTimePongo said:
Targetting an ambulance is obscene. But remote-controlled detonation?

Who the hell is doing this?
Difficult Question to answer without giving too much away. This was the second attack in almost the same spot - using the same aiming marker :(

Some people have expressed surprise at the level of technical ability of the attacks. It is clear that a level of support is being provided from outside Iraq. :evil:

The system is getting on top of things. In the meantime - for all Tps in Iraq, think NI Skills, vary routes/timings etc and don't set paterns.

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