UK troops accused of murdering 20 Iraqis

As many as 20 Iraqi civilians were murdered by British troops, lawyers claimed yesterday in a string of controversial allegations to be included in a BBC documentary.

The claims - which the Ministry of Defence strongly denies - are among the most serious levelled against British soldiers in Iraq.

Phil Shiner, the leading solicitor, said of the dossier: "We would be very surprised if it did not shock the nation."

Always this bloke lining up Iraqi's to sue the government, with our money no doubt :pissedoff:
From the PIL site linked above. Seems Mr Shiner has a slightly loose grasp on reality:

PIL recently won a challenge at the High Court to the validity of the Edge Lane CPO. This case strikes a blow to the Government’s Housing Market Renewal (“Pathfinder”) Initiative, which affects 250 million people nationwide. The practice also acts in numerous environmental and planning cases on behalf of both groups and individuals
"The nature of a number of the injuries of the Iraqis would seem to be highly unusual in a battlefield."

Obviously an expert then.
Is this the event that is so well written about in the many books re the gulf?
two spring to mind

Richard Holms and Johnson B VC

They seam to explain the event quite clearly why is it so hard for journalist to understand?
May be something to do with trying to trash the good name of brave men
I have mentioned my lack of love for Harbs many times on this board, 9 years, working with them, for them cured me.
Strange philosophy on life they have, Everything cums from Allah, so if it's lieing around, then just take it and if someone does same with what happens to be your gash then lop his hand off.
Now as P Shinner will confirm tell such people that there is money baksheesh's to be made from British government by just telling what you may think is the correct and you will get along the lines of I swear by Allah, Inshalla, On the Holy Koran I swear, and out will cum any old tale that suits.
In Islam you are not suppose to tell lies, but if the religion is involved in any way then you may do anything to support Islam.
Telling the untruth becomes a way of life.
I have always worried how when a Muslim swears his oath in any UK court case he can be expected to tell any form of truth for he is swearing By the Holy Koran.
BiscuitsAB said:
Fallschirmjager said:
He's probably right. Who cares?
Everyone one pays a price in war, s*** happens. And some time bad s*** happens to people that don't deserve it, like the families of the guys that are lost. But you don't see these scumbag ambulance chasers jumping up to help out the famlies of the like of the guys we have lost.
Actually you are wrong there mate....

confusing..!! This Shiner guy is still an oxygen thief though, he needs to taken back to Iraq to find his next clients whilst strapped to the front of a Warrior

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