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Hi all,

I started my 5 week success in self-employment course with uk trades training last week and here is a break down of what I have done so far.......

Well I thought I'd do a running blog type jobby so people can see how I'm progress on the course I'm on. I selected the 5 weeks success in self-employment where I'm doing plumbing, plastering and tiling. This is funded by my ELC :)

So this is what went on.........

Nice early start (everyday) 0830 straight into the classroom, Tracey got the brews on, and we introduced ourselves to one another. Darren then introduced himself and started. He Began by giving us a bit about himself and it soon became apart that his knowledge and life experience was priceless however he does drive a poor mans Aston Martin ;) Then he took us into the key skills required in starting a business and being successful, marketing, accounting, how to get on with clients, quoting a job, how to properly prices jobs, where and how to maximise income and profits. The list goes on. Then we got a demo from Darren on how to tile. It was very easy to understand and then we had to copy what Darren just demoed. Then it was back into the classroom for some more theory and then back to the tiling stations for demos on tools and cutting We were shown how to set out a room and gain a good starting point in order to achieve a professional finish. Then straight into the tiling, Darren demoed what we had to we had to get on with it. Straight into the deep end but he was always around to correct us and give advice. Then came the test to sort the men from the boys. We were shown two designs by Darren and had to pick one he showed us how to Mark out the cuts then we had to do it and get it onto the wall. Then it was onto some flooring tiling demos. Once finished it was back into the classroom and more theory on types of tiles, adhesives, what to use where, when and how. I was shocked at the amount of theory which HAS to be considered when starting every job. we the were shown laying floor tiles which changed things up a little. Then we were shown tiling around windows and adding the trim then we had to complete that task followed by tiling the rest of our tiling "pod" then onto mixing different adhesives and grouts, then Darren again showed us how to do it and then we done it to, then onto silicone sealing the sinks which I couldn't do for toffee!! However Darren as usual had some age old tiling hot tip which turned my line of silicone which look like a squashed worm look like it was done by a veteran tiler! I'm now going to re silicone my whole house!!!

Well a long read but hope this gives you more confidence if your thinking about putting in for a course. This was over a week as well and each day I my tiling skills and knowledge grow massively.

I will post pictures ASAP

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Hi mate
Thanks for the post, your onto week 2 now with more tiling tasks to do, things get a little harder this week to put you to the test but seen your work and your standard is very high, so you seem to be picking things up quite naturally as its a tough course, onto the 2 week plastering course next week for you where things get a bit more messy followed by the bathroom plumbing which you will find really usefull,

Glad your enjoying it
See you tommorrow

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