UK 'tops 2002 asylum seeker list'

The UK took in more asylum seekers in 2002 than any other country in the developed world, a report has claimed.
Britain received 110,700 asylum claims - almost a fifth of the western world's total - the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said.

That was as many as France and Germany received combined and 30,000 more than the US, which was second on the list.

The figures were collected before the Nationality and Immigration Act, which drastically cut asylum numbers in 2003.

That fall allowed Tony Blair to hit his target of halving the monthly number of applications from their October 2002 peak of 9,000.
Halving the total? Rubbish. In this part of the world, the level of asylum seekers moving in, especially from Albania and Kosovo, those well known racked-by-civil-war-and-famine countries, has easily doubled in the last year. The Ethiopians are here in greater numbers too. The numbers are now at a level, where local ethnic minority community leaders are saying "Enough" . But that doesn't get to the news.

What's the best way to halve the number of applications? Issue half the number of forms :evil:
I think they were able to meet the targets by telling fibs - i.e immigration officers were told not to process applications but bundle them into the centres and give them lots of vouchers...... :evil:

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