Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SidneyRuffDiamond, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Until the government makes it more profitable to work both socially and economically , then you will always have people who abuse the benefits system , a Horizon programme last week advised that for some people on benefits the average weekly wage would have to equal £300.00 per week to make it worth while them coming off benefits. Labour have created a benefit culture, because thats where most of there votes lie. I agree with national service for ages 18-21, 3 years is nothing. learn some life skills, a bit of respect etc. Also there should be more stringent medical checks as Inacapicty benefit is one of the most abused of all, " I've got depression, bollocks.... you're just a lazy twat". There should be no benefit at all for the first four years fo rpeople leaving school who are fit and able, apprenticeships, training schemes, acccess courses etc should be brought back and a grant or wages for doing these, if you don't want to do that , then tough tit, no money for you son. If you cant meet the level of education then more remedial training until you can. We are far too soft in the UK.
  2. I agree with national service for ages 18-21, 3 years is nothing. learn some life skills, a bit of respect etc.

    In the current political climate there would neither be the money or the will for National Service as it will be seen as spending on Defence and 'Broon' et al will ensure the Defence Budget, already at its lowest since the 1930s, liable for the costs of such a scheme. At what cost to Ops?

    There is the argument that an injection of chavmong manning into the Forces would also weaken the professionalism within.

    Also there should be more stringent medical checks as Inacapicty benefit is one of the most abused of all, " I've got depression, balls.... you're just a lazy t**t".

    Agreed -could they start with a certain ginger fat cow...[he wishes]

    I think that enticing the young to stay on at school/college is exactly the right thing to do, pay them a small wage to do it - make the wage work related (fail to hand in work on time or risk a reduction in wage).

    Schools should be streamlining kids into academic and practical classes; it's easy enough to recognise little Johnny isnt going to set the world alight when it comes to science/maffs but he might be a right dab hand with a welding torch.

    A blanket ban on benefits for 4 years after school- a bit harsh but I hear you.

    It's been said before but I totally agree - to misquote SS Troopers " Citizenship should be earned by contrbuting to society".

    We are far too soft in the UK

    What the feck is the UK anyway? It's Great Britain! But you are right we are too soft - a dose of political/moral Viagra is required.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst I agree with the view that the system encourages sloth it is not just the fault of the current administration.

    Margeret Thatcher's regime encouraged GPs to sign the long term unemployable onto the long term sick benefit in order to remove them from the unemployment register.

    Since the advent of the welfare state we have not had a government with the swingers to do something about it.
  4. pre-comprehensive schools, brainy kids went to grammer school, less academic kids went to sec mods where things like metalwork, woodwork,domestic science were taught, these were to be the future plumbers, brickies et al. yet another system broken by the 60's 'marxist' mob in the name of inclusiveness.
  5. also teenage chav tart gets banged up just to get council flat and loads a money. maybe make a case for taking the brat of them and saying tough learn better birth control, by the way no flat, no benifits, get on with things. plenty of people who cant have kids would be only to pleased to adopt.
  6. One problem often overlooked in the debate is where will the wages come from? I'm not even talking about replacing £300 p/w of benefits, just a living wage. Think of the numbers who do work and yet still have to rely on housing benefit, income support, child tax credits, etc. to make up the difference between wage and cost of living.

    Somehow I doubt kindly old British employers are going to up the pay-poke to make up the difference; it'd drive most of the smaller ones out of business and most of the larger ones overseas. But while income can't go up and prices won't go down, it's pay benefits or see working folk starve. Force the umpteen millions sick/lame/lazy/unemployed back into the workforce and the situation becomes even worse.
  7. We don't need National Service drafting useless chavs who'll ruin the greatest army in the world, as you'd need both corporal and capital punishment to be able to maintain discipline, and you'd never be allowed that in this day and age...agree with all the rest though-Modern Britain: We punish success and reward, work hard, display thrift and self-control and you get sh1t on, be a completely irresponsible pr1ck who'd starve if not for the public largess and you're laughing...
  8. I think it was FM Lord Carver who stated that "national service might have been good for the country, but it almost killed the army".

    Why should the British Army be forced into becoming the dumping ground for the chav scum?
  9. Suppose a seperately run "boot camp" could be created. The private boot camps for parents sending their kids off to them cost thousands every month, it would be a more fitting punishment to replace ASBO's (they are like medals for chavs) with time spent in government run boot camps teaching them respect, discipline and how to behave like a human. I have no doubt it would end up run like the Gulag camps, but perhaps this is the fear that is needed to make people think twice before commiting crimes.
  10. ASBO's be damned.
    We need ARRSE's ANGELS. Led by the might Lord Flashy and MDN (Both in "issue" tutus). If the very idea of this puts the fear of God in to me, it will make the Chav's pooh themselves.
  11. The solution is simple, cheap and probably effective.

    Upon leaving school, if a person cannot provide proof of a definite form of employment or is going onto further education, then they are classed as unemployed. They will then be conscripted into the Labour Corps.

    Run along military lines, same discipline etc. This would teach individuals respect for others and discipline.

    Their tasks could include cleaning canals and graffiti from walls and other jobs deemed necessary. Further remedial education could be included for those who required it.

    We would not then be lowering the standard of the armed forces. Who knows, when some of them have developed respect and can see the benefits of a regular honest income, they may want to join the armed forces.
  12. Not unless you wish to exclude Northern Ireland.
  13. The thing that pisses me off is there seems to be no control on jobseekers allowance and EMA's. When i was at College there were countless layabouts just going to College to get benefits rather than getting a job. Those who dropped out started claiming jobseekers allowance and blatently went to job interviews and intentionally screwed it up so they could sit around all day and claim benefits.

    While this may sound like i am exaggerating a small minority, it wasnt. The majority of my classmates were doing it as were students in other departments. The money went towards fags, booze and drugs.

    Jobseekers allowance should be scrapped and offer basic council work as an alternative imho.