UK too multicultural according to the, err...Guardian?!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. There is certainly a need to identify what atraction A-Q and co have for people who have lived in the UK for much (or all) their lives. This must include their respective communities that have allowed these radicals to go unchecked, as well as the broader sociey.
    It is not, perhaps, "Politically Correct" to demand that immigrants adhere to and are taught about, the social values of the country they have come to, this is perhaps not a bad idea. If an Immigrant wants to keep the life and social norms of the place they left, it would be reasonable to ask why did they leave? I feel capable of speaking about being an "immigrant", as I have not lived in the UK now for eight years and have gone through a process similar to the one mentioned in the Gaurdian's article.
  2. This will be the same Guardian Group that employed an Islamist member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir as a staff reporter, right?

  3. Shouldn't this have appeared in Private Eye as a spoof of the Gruniad's usual dross.

    Or is it a belated waking up to the recent deaths and injuries of innocent people including Guardian readers.
  4. The penny finally drops........................................
  5. Er... the Guardian? Shurely some mistake! An amazing volte face, which only makes me wonde rwhether the Grauniad leader writer has lost someone close to him/her on 07 Jul. It's a sad day when the only time you see a common sense and lucid opinion in this broadsheet, it has to be prompted by such a barbarous act so close to home.

  6. A Guardian journalist was killed in the London bombings.
  7. This is becoming a bit of a trend:

    I posted this article:,3604,1532738,00.html

    a few weeks back. The Guardian does have the occasional diamond amongst what is normally a large pile of steaming Sh1t, particularly that stupid cow Polly Toynbee. Although it is always worth reading a cross section of the broadsheets. At least you expect bollocks from the Guardian, the Independent is far worse, trying to imply that it is far more balanced than the others but continues to spout the crap that comes out of Nicholas Fisk's mouth.
  8. So - common sense in the Grauniad is a combat indicator for a dead journo? A little reverse engineering, and I see the beginnings of a plan...
  9. The Guardian employee who died in the July 7th bombings was David Foulkes. He was not a journalist.

    List of the bomb blast victims
  10. Ah, but the Telegraph says this....
    Not that his job matters one iota, he's 22 and he's dead.