UK to offer asylum to Roma driven out by Italian Fascists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, May 16, 2008.

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  1. In full
  2. could you please point out to me where this was mentioned in the article?
    i must be going blind 'caus i couldnt see it.

    or did you choose this particular thread title just to get attention and start off another xenophobic bandwagon?
  3. ow great more pikeys coming to the UK
  4. DrStealth

    Good point but the Rumanian Prime Minister has been on Iti TV stating that the "Crack down” is against human and more importantly their EU rights. Rumanians can move and work freely within the EU.

    However to work in Italy “legally” you need a Permesso Surjourno, or since last year Residency papers and a Codici Fiscali ( For customs purposes or supposedly for buying anything)

    Unlike the UK EU folks cannot just turn up and get NI cards given to them.

    Italy does have a get out clause to prevent illegal EU citizens from staying – just until now the political will has not been there to enforce it.

    Give it a few weeks and it will all settle down, just like always.
  5. The asylum petition is being dealt with by a group of left leaning UK lawyers and Guardianista types, they are opposed to Silvio Berlusconi on principle and see his partnership with the Italian Right as the new rise of Fascism.

    By seeking refuge for the Roma in the UK under the Human Rights act, as victims of violent ‘State sanctioned Racism’. This group believe that they are making a stand against Fascism (yeah man! Spirit of ’65, 'they shall not pass' etc) , deluded and counterproductive – yes. However within the law they have an almost 95% chance of success.

    How do I know? The Wife works with them.
  6. ty for the info.
    may i add that it should have been included in your original post.
  7. Off again are we A_J? You really must stop stirring up the natives.

    There is a long and no doubt lucrative career writing headlines for the Daily Mail just waiting for you to grasp it. :D
  8. I don't understand, on what grounds are they considered "refugees": how can you be a refugee from a country that was not yours in a first place? :?
  9. I for one would be delighted to offer sancutary in this country for the poor, oppressed Roma...

    "This way, please. Yes, just step into this large SHOWER ROOM. We have to PURIFY you before you can settle in Britain..." :twisted:
  10. I don't think that's technically true, we have deported lot's of EU citizens from here, the Italians even took a case to the court's, where it was said you could deportpeople from other EU states as long as you were not "discriminatory" so out of 100 you kick out 98 Roma, 1 German and a Welsh guy called Gwyn, and your legally sound :D
  11. You'd need to force them. Ther's no way a gippo would voluntarily take a shower (unless he could sell it) :D
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Just do some crop rotation and place them in fields of heather . . . . .

    . . . . . and then tell them to 'be lucky' when you set it alight.
  13. Nice one! You can be Camp Commendant when I set this up - just imagine; sunny evenings shooting Gipos from the upper floors of the Officers Mess, just like in Schindlers List! :twisted:

    "Good shot, old boy! Barman - the next rounds on me?" :D
  14. The Roma have their uses. We have just had oneof our bi-annual bulk rubbish days whereby you can leave literally anything outside your house and the council will come and collect it. In the few hours before the council get round to collectiion, the Roma take most of it away in trabants/horse and carts/bicycles/shanksy's/their womenfolk/Mercs and very little remains therefore lessening the councils work and ergo my council tax [£75 A YEAR]. BTW it's the only time I see them in the village.
  15. Oddly enough, I was reading a bit in the paper today about an Italian, flying in to visit his American girlfriend, who'd been detained by the US Border Protection Agency at Dulles airport, accused of being an "asylum seeker".

    As his girlfriend said, after they'd sprung him from over 10 days in the pokey, and I'd already wondered myself:

    Well, now you know.